Saturday, November 21, 2015

Never question why experiences happen to you because there is always a reason whether we see it or not.

October 13, 2015

We made it another week! Such a crazy week as usual. We've been extremely busy lately, mainly because of Elder Anderson's new calling as the District leader, although we both agree that it has felt like he's been more of a "baby sitter". We have some pretty dramatic sister missionaries that we have to take care of and oh's been a struggle. They constantly get in fights with their companions and cause problems. One night we got a call at 9:00 and we had to go sort out a disagreement one of the here was a TV sitting in the gutter..lets just say Anderson kicked the crap out of that TV. We are definitely growing because of this new calling and because of these experiences we are having!

We had a huge break through with our Jewish investigator Aaron! We meet with him on Saturday and he has recovered from surgery really well. He told us that he threw away all his heavy prescription pain meds because he knew that he would get addicted to them if he took them. That was pretty amazing because he has struggled with drugs in the past. Then he told us that while he's been recovering from his surgery he's had a lot of time to read and a lot of time to think about what he had read in his scriptures. He said that Judaism was false because he was able to feel gods love for him stronger than ever while he sat in bed reading for the past 3 weeks. That blew us away because a week earlier he was the total opposite! We have been praying for him a ton and I guess you could say this surgery is exactly what he needed. The lord works in mysterious ways. We are going to keep working with him as he builds up his testimony of the Book of Mormon and hopefully he keeps progressing.

We also had a lesson with Mike this week. It was our 5th time meeting with him and he had absolutely no idea who we were and totally forgot everything we taught him. We're assuming it's because he is drunk every time we talk to him but we're gonna keep working with him. Sometimes you can teach someone more through your actions and service towards them than your actual words can so we're going to continue to be his friend because that seems like the main thing he needs at the moment. Just gets discouraging when everything you do doesn't seem to be enough.

Funny story of the week: Sister Warren (one of the STL's) asked me to give here a blessing this week. It was pretty late and I had a huge head ache from a long day but we hurried over there as fast as we could. I decided that I needed some medicine before I gave here the blessing so I asked for some Ibuprofen. Sister Warren insisted that I try Dotera oils instead because they work way better. After refusing for 5 minutes and demanding some modern medicine I finally gave in. She dumped peppermint on my fingers and told me to rub it into the back of my neck and my forehead....Well being the idiot that I am I itched under my eye and eventually my eyes were both just burning!!! So I was stuck in a tough situation..I had to give a blessing but my eyes were on fire! I gave here the blessing and when I finished she was crying and everyone thought I was crying but it was just the stupid peppermint making my eyes water because it stung so bad! Moral of the story is....I'm convinced that Dotera oils are a scam!

Message of the week: Everything happens to us for a reason! Just like I said about Aaron, he didn't want to get the surgery that he needed but in the end it ended up fixing his health problem and helped him feel the spirit stronger in his life. Never question why experiences happen to you because there is always a reason whether we see it or not. And we usually end up understanding why it happened to us later down the road! Just always have faith that everything is happening how it should and that it's in God's hands!

Well we're out of time but I hope you got a laugh out of this email!! We're super busy over here! Thanks for all the support and love you have shown both me and my companion!! Hope everything is going well for all of you and I hope that you all have a great week!!

Elder Jensen

There are three Jensens in the mission and we're all in the same zone!! Pretty crazy!