Saturday, November 21, 2015

The Lord will always bless you whether it's through your own efforts or through others.

October 26, 2015

This week went by super slow for us but a lot of cool things happened!

There was a baptism in our district this week!  Elder Anderson got to give the baptismal interview which was pretty cool! It's the first baptism I've been to on my mission and I hope to see many more while I'm here. The baptism was for Carlos Lara. He has a super cool story and is going to be such a benefit to the ward! He also has such a strong testimony..simple but so powerful. I think that a lot of times people think their testimony has to be super long to have an impact on people but that is so false! Everyone's testimony has so much meaning and power.

We had a miracle happen to us this week. We had a lot of our solid investigators drop us throughout the week so we spent most of our time contacting on the street and knocking doors trying to find people to teach. We got a few potentials but no one that was super interested. We had been praying all week that we'd just find at least one person who was interested but Saturday night came around and we hadn't found anyone. Yesterday we were super tired and did the knock out routine and at 5:45 we still hadn't found anyone but we just kept on knocking. We got a text right after knockout from some other missionaries in our area that they had a referral for us and that Deo wanted the lessons. Then we got a call from the Sister missionaries in our area and they said they had an investigator who was now living in our area. By the end of the week we had picked up two new investigators and it was such an answer to our prayers. I have definitely learned that if you do the work the Lord will always bless you whether it's through your own efforts or through others.

Last Monday we went to the driving range with only a pitching wedge and an 8 iron, but this week we got a bag of golf clubs!! We've been asking around for the past month and we finally found an apartment with some! We're going to go play nine holes right after we finish emailing and Anderson and I are so hyped!! Anderson has been training me to be a good missionary and I've been training him to do a good's a pretty sweet trade! Hitting golf balls is a HUGE stress reliever for me.

Things get pretty boring in the apartment at night. We try to find stuff to keep us busy but sometimes your companion takes it to the extreme! One night we were sitting on our couch and Anderson just walked over to me and stuck his thumb on my leg. I tried to push it off but he Super Glued it to my leg!!! I hope that shows you how bored we get at 10:00 pm. We spent the next 30 minutes trying to cut the super glue holding us together...He admitted after, when his finger had leg hair glued to it, that it wasn't the best idea he has ever had.

Message of the week: This week we had our zone conference and our mission president gave a huge talk on faith. He said that faith is a verb not a noun or an adjective. In order to grow our faith we first have to use it and act upon it. It's kind of like a order to make it stronger you have to work out and put effort into it. Our faith is the same way. It doesn't just magically come to us...we have to build upon it slowly over time. That has definitely been a huge factor in my mission so far. A lot of times you don't know why you are on a certain street or why you are even knocking but after that trial of your faith blessings always come. I challenge all of you to just stretch your faith a little longer each week and help it to grow.

I love you all so much and hope you all have amazing weeks! Thanks for all the prayers...We definitely need it and can always feel the difference. There's so much more I wish I could tell you all about but we never have enough time. Love you guys!

Elder Jensen

Granada Hills Zone Conference October 21, 2015