Monday, January 16, 2017

Wow...this was the fastest transfer just keeps getting faster and faster.

January 16, 2017

Hey everyone! It's been a cold, wet week here in Valencia. We have gotten pounded with rain the last few days and everything is starting to get green again which is a nice change from the dead/dry California norm. This transfer has flown by. I feel like every transfer I say "Wow...this was the fastest transfer yet." just keeps getting faster and faster. So crazy.

This week we did a ton of transfer planning and a few last minute tweaks and changes. It's so crazy how everything just comes together and fits like a puzzle. Certain missionaries just fit with others and the spirit makes sure we make the right moves. It was a little difficult considering the fact that the office was all jumbled and full of painters. It's being renovated so it's been interesting this week haha. Elder Deyholos said that this transfer has been the smoothest one yet so we'll see what this transfer is like.

We are both staying assistants for this next transfer and then Elder Deyholos will most likely be released. Then I'm driving the Van on the 5 freeway....pray for me.

Albert bore his testimony in Church and it was so good! He talked about the painting of Christ knocking on a door that hangs in the foyer of the chapel and how there isn't a handle on the door. He explained that the missionaries told him that Christ will always knock on the door and it's up to us to let him in. He then bore a powerful testimony about how he came from Russia having no religious or spiritual background until he met a member of the church. They invited him to church and he learned about Christ and the
Gospel and then he opened the door and let Christ in. He's been progressing so much and it's amazing to see members teaming up with the missionaries to do the Lords work.

We met with Aaron and Andrea this week and they are the coolest! We got to know them and their kids a little bit. Aaron just got out of the military and he now works in the prison as a guard. He and his wife have been looking for a Church that has a good children's program that actually teaches the kids about the Gospel. We talked about Primary and how our Gospel knowledge was all started in Primary. They also said that they're not just looking for a church with a good social aspect but that has good teachings. It's so cool to see that they are sincerely seeking to have the Gospel of Jesus Christ in their lives! They committed to come to church in the next couple of weeks. This area is picking up :)

Well I love you all so much and hope you have a great week!

Elder Jensen