Monday, February 27, 2017

Time just flies by in the mission field!

February 27, 2017

Can you believe that it has already been another transfer?! I can't believe it...they just get faster and faster every time. Time just flies by in the mission field. Only 4 transfers left.
Well transfer calls came and I'll be staying as an assistant for the next transfer! Elder Deyholos will be heading back out as a zone leader for his last transfer in the mission and I'll be with Elder Nielsen training him as the new assistant to the President! He was my zone leader when I was in Burbank with Elder Martin and we lived in the same apartment for a transfer so I already know we'll get along great.

We were able to teach the Ayers family this week! We brought bishops Wife and she was perfect for Sandy. They really connected on the mother to mother level and talked a lot about how the gospel blesses kids lives and families in general which was really helpful. Then we taught the plan of salvation with German pamphlets and they could really relate when we talked about challenges and how the experiences we have in this life are there to help us grow and become better people. They have really gone through a lot and they have just been taking it all on their we testified about the atonement and read a few scriptures in German to help Sandy understand. After the lesson they asked where they should start reading the Book of Mormon. They started from the beginning as a family this week :) So cool to see them really striving to learn and apply the gospel in their lives. Craig said something really cool. He said "My mom is always so happy and I just know that's because she has a testimony of the can we get that too? How can we know?" They are so prepared. His mothers example has had an impact on him throughout the years.

We went to the temple this week as well. Santa Monica is so beautiful! California is really starting to grow on me...I could get used to this no snow and sunny skies every day thing. Never thought I'd say that!

Well I love you all! We have to go and get things ready for transfers tomorrow! Sorry for the short email.

Elder Jensen

Temple trip pics

Matching ties at the temple.

Hollywood sign from the temple.

Dinner at the Richards.
Maybe trying to swipe their IPAD!

Our homie Joseph in the ward.

Transfer day!

February 13, 2017

We love to see Andrew and his companion Elder Deyholos transporting missionaries to the airport on the last leg of their journey!  They love driving this big van!

We had the coolest miracle happen this week!

February 21, 2017

Good morning everyone!
This week has been a crazy one for sure. We had one of the largest storms Santa Clarita has had in years and it caused lots of flooding in the area. Trees toppled over, houses got flooded and mud slides were covering the streets in some places! It's been an interesting week of wet knockouts and tracking haha. I'm ready for the normal SoCal weather again! I don't know how I'll survive a Utah winter when I get home...I'm so acclimatized haha.

I saw James (as in James and Shannon) this week with his daughter Kylie! We were getting out of our car to go and knock doors and James drove by! He pulled over so quick and he got out and we chatted for a while. I miss that guy a ton and I hope everything is going well for him and his family. When he was about to go I said "You're still meeting with the missionaries right?!" And he said "They're coming over tonight." That made me so happy to hear that the missionaries are still teaching them. I talked to Elder Silva and he said they're at church in the Canyon Country ward every week. I can't wait to be at their baptism some day.

We had the coolest miracle happen this week! We picked up another family as our investigators! Three months ago Elder Silva was knocking doors and talked to a woman who recently moved from Germany with her family. She said she wasn't interested but they left a card with their number on it and told her to call if she ever needed anything. Well 3 months later the husband called back and they now lived in our area. Elder Silva gave them our number and they called us. They said they wanted to meet with us because they needed something more in their lives...something was missing, so we set up a time to go by! We went by and met the family. Craig is the dad, Sandy is the mom and they have a 5 year old John, and a 3 year old Jack. Sandy grew up in Dresden, Germany and met Craig when he moved there for work as a lawyer and a translator. Craig is actually a member of the church. He was baptized at age 8 but went inactive shortly after. His mom is still an active member in Portland Oregon and works in the temple there. He has seen how happy she is and gives credit to her faith in Christ and the gospel and he and his family need that in their lives right now. We taught them the restoration and Sandy struggled a little with english since she's only been using it for 4 months. They loved the lesson and really felt the spirit. They asked us if they could get a German Book of Mormon for Sandy and then asked if they could come to church that Sunday! Now fast forward to Sunday. We took them to church and they loved it! We sat by some members that went to Germany on their missions and still speak German and Sandy was on Cloud 9. She hasn't been able to speak German for 4 months so she really felt at home. We took their kids to primary and they sat in the back with us. Elder Deyholos and I got called up front to sing a primary duet and it was super funny haha. All the kids were laughing and you could just tell that Craig and Sandy loved the environment that the kids were in at church! After that they had to head home so we walked them outside and asked them how they liked it. Sandy said "I just felt so at home! I loved it!" Then she asked her sons if they wanted to go again next week and they both said "YEAH!" Haha so it looks like they'll be coming to church next week as well! Members from the ward are already inviting them over for dinner and they're making friends that they never had before. It's an answer to their prayers! The Gospel is already changing their lives for the better. We have another lesson with them this Thursday so keep the Ayers family in your prayers.

We've been driving the mission van for the past 2 weeks now. Our car has been in the shop on a recall so we've gotten pretty professional at parallel parking! 15 passenger vans are the way to go these days.

A member in our ward is really good friends with Paul Walkers family and they had a bunch of Pauls shoes that the family gave them when he died. None of them were big enough for their kids so Sister Ostergard gave two pairs to Elder Deyholos haha! We thought that was pretty cool.

We weren't able to teach Sonja this week because she got sick but we had another appointment this week!

Well I love you al and hope you have a great week!

Elder Jensen

It's raining and windy, and there have been lots of mudslides!