Monday, March 7, 2016

Feast on the words in the scriptures and do good continually

March 7, 2016

Another busy week in Encino! The work here never stops and we are so blessed! So many people need the gospel!

We did service for Brother Austin this week. Four years ago missionaries built a pond for him and messed up the drainage system so we had to fix it. We jack-hammered through a foot of concrete and we are going back tomorrow to finish it. It was fun though! It's nice to change things up and  do some manual labor every once in a while! It's been so cool to work with him. He hasn't let missionaries come by in a long time but we made a good first impression a little while back so he's chill with us. We actually got him back into helping with scouting and he's really stoked about that. Scouting is going to be what reactivates him into the church.
We picked up a new investigator named Christian. He's a security specialist and has every gun you could imagine. He's such a cool guy. He recently found out he was diabetic and has been having a really hard time with it but he said his faith in Christ is getting him through it. We brought Eddy to our lesson and he bore his testimony to him of the blessings of the Holy Ghost and how it would help him through his trials and comfort him. Such a cool thing to watch because Eddy was in Christian's shoes less than a month ago and now he's the missionary helping someone else find their way.

Anne LeVad has come to church 2 weeks in a row now! We are so excited about that! She has progressed so much since we went to the Temple and I know it's because she felt the spirit so strong while we were there. She is still wanting to be baptized soon and now we are trying to get permission to teach her grand daughter Michaela! We are praying that her parents will soften their hearts and let her learn more.

We are also teaching a woman named Faith who's from Lebanon. She has a huge problem with the Book of Mormon and only likes to bash us. She is definitely a project. Also we found Fatima again! Our Farsi investigator! She got caught up in some bad stuff (gang related stuff) and has been spending a lot of time at the police station for protection. We are trying not to get too involved but we're still trying to help her find somewhere safe to live in the area.

Funny story of the week: Last P-day we went to the park with the Sherman Oaks Elders and started playing basketball. The next thing we know we have 8 elementary school kids challenging us! We let them play and balled for a while. They were so young and had the worst mouths so we cleaned them up a bit. They asked us to come back next Monday so we'll see what we decide to do. Pretty funny experience!

Message of the week: There are two wolves inside all of us. A good wolf and a bad wolf. The wolf that will win is the one that we feed the most. I encourage all of you to feast on the words in the scriptures and do good continually so that you feed the good wolf inside you.

Love you all! Have a great week!

Elder Jensen

Elder Horito, Wade, Me, and Shaw jack hammering the pond.

Elder Horito and I jamming in our free time. He's teaching me how to play the ukulele.