Monday, January 11, 2016

The Lord is always there to help us out, we just have to use our agency and ask.

January 11, 2016

Another busy week in the mission field. We're getting a consistent flow of investigators which is a huge blessing. God is blessing us with so many prepared people!

We taught Eddie Felix this week. He is a really spiritual guy but has never really found a church that corresponded with his personal values...until now. We told him about our beliefs and our values and he loved it. He said he's always had a feeling inside that there should be Prophets and Apostles on the earth today because God is the same yesterday today and tomorrow. So when we told him we had a Prophet and Apostles he was stoked! When we teach people the Gospel we're not telling them any new information...we are really just reminding them of everything they new before they came to earth. That's why the gospel rings so true to people. He also came to church on Sunday! We're making progress with's slow but that's how it goes. He said he will be done with The Book of Mormon in 2 weeks. He's cruised through it! I'll update you all next week on how the next lesson goes.

We also picked up a new investigator named Pamela Spencer. Her member friend asked us to help her move so we helped her move a bunch of stuff into her storage unit on Saturday night. We pulled our car inside the gates and went to leave at 9:00 but the gates lock after our car and her U-haul got stuck inside all night. We called the Sherman Oaks Elders and asked them to come bail us out so while we were waiting for them we talked about her life and ended up teaching her the first lesson! We have a return appointment for tomorrow evening! I guess the Lord wanted her to hear the gospel so bad that he made sure we would get stuck in there! We picked up our car the next morning at 6:00am.

Sam has been coming to church as well. We thought he was ignoring us all week but I guess he just got a new phone number. He gave us his new number and asked us to stay in touch so he sounds like he is still interested! We picked up Richard as an investigator this week too. He seemed more curious than sincerely interested but we'll see what happens. Hopefully the spirit will touch his heart and draw him in.

My favorite family in the ward, the Beauregard's, are coming to church again! We have been working with them a lot and they finally realize how much stronger their family is when they live the gospel and come to church. They love Elder Horito and I! They're one of the families I'll always stay in touch with after my mission. Brother Beauregard also wants to come to lessons with us which is really cool.

Funny moment of the week: Elder Horito sleep walks a lot! He wakes up about twice a week and teaches lessons to imaginary people. On Tuesday I woke up to him teaching the restoration to our closet door hahahaha! On Thursday I woke up to him explaining how happy he is to be serving the lord to his bed poll. Hahah and every time I get him to come to he says "Elder help me I have a problem!" Hahahahaha it's so funny and I just die laughing even though it's like 3:00am.

Message of the week: We had Zone Training Meeting this week and we got trained on a lot of different things but one that stuck out to me was that the Lord is always there to help us in regular life and in missionary life. Often we rely too much on ourselves and our capabilities and don't rely enough on heavenly help. The Lord is always there to help us out we just have to use our agency and ask. I've learned that over and over on my mission. We prayed every day for a new investigator when we had none...and now we have a lot of people we are teaching! Prayers are always answered...we just have to be humble enough to ask for help.

Love you all so much!!

Elder Jensen