Tuesday, December 27, 2016

A mission is totally amazing and a totaly different perspective at Christmas...you are so focused on others

December 27, 2016

Merry Christmas everyone! I'm really enjoying this SoCal weather right now...It's sunny and in the low 60's :) No complaints this Christmas. I hope you're all enjoying the cold snowy weather in the good ole' SLC. Christmas on the mission is truly amazing. It's just a totally different perspective, and you are quickly reminded that Christmas is much much more than just presents and all that. It's not about yourself it's about everyone else. That's why Christmas on the mission is so memorable I think...you are so focused on others and you just never forget that.

Well here is a quick run down of our week.
Christmas eve was awesome. First we went to one of our Christmas devotionals and it was super cool. We performed a little skit/singing thing and made all the missionaries laugh. Then we had some spiritual musical numbers by some other missionaries in the Santa Clarita, Valencia and Granada Hills zones. Later we got invited over to the Christofferson's house (yes they are related to Elder Christofferson in the quorum of the 12). We had dinner with them and the Haskett's and played ping pong and spent time with their teenage kids! It was a good time. Then we spent the remainder of our Christmas Eve in the office doing reports and tracking the baptismal dates in the zone.

Christmas day was super fun! We woke up and took our presents over to the missionaries apartment next door and opened them together. Then we ran to church. After Church we went to a brunch at the Haskett's. We ate with them and then got to Skype from their house! Skyping was so much fun! It's just refreshing and get's you pumped to get to work and preach the gospel! After that we went to the Henries for dinner. President is such a goof with his grand kids haha! His grand kids got whoopee cushions and president kept sitting on it and it was just a totally different side of him. He loves to rough house with them as well..hahaha so funny! Then we went to the Hasketts again and played some games and just hung out for a while! It was a great Christmas!

I don't know If I told you all last week but Elder Anderson (my trainer) visited the mission and took us out to lunch! He took us to Korean bbq and it was awesome! Always great to see old mission friends!

Well I love you all so much and hope you have a great week!!

Elder Jensen

Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas Skype with Drew and Elder Deyholos

December 25, 2016

It was so wonderful to hear from Drew today!  We couldn't wait to see his face and hear his voice again.  And he did not disappoint!  He was as happy and cheerful as ever.  He couldn't believe how much Ben has grown, or that his voice is so low!  Everyone was so excited to see Drew.  It was the perfect ending to a long snowy Christmas Sunday!  Drew said that they were spending Christmas evening with President and Sister Henrie.  He also mentioned that they are getting a new missionary couple in the office which will free he and Elder Deyholos up to teach more, which he is very happy about.   He would like to get out and teach people!  It was incredible to hear his voice and feel of his happy spirit and love for what he is doing.  What a wonderful Christmas gift to be able to speak with our missionary!

Anxiously awaiting Skype!