Monday, December 7, 2015

Imagine life without the wonderful blessing of the sacrament

December 7, 2015

This week was jam packed!! We were constantly running from one appointment to the next, but we're stoked that we're this busy!

We met with Mack and Wanda Hawkins again this week! We went over and helped Mack clean out his garage for about an hour and then we shared a message with him and his wife. We watched the New Christmas video and talked about how it was essential for the Savior to come. We also talked a little bit about The Plan of Salvation and they struggled to understand it a little bit but they seemed to like it! They've been reading in the Book of Mormon and Wanda loves it! She always has so many questions and I hope that rubs off on Mack. I think they really like us because they keep inviting us over for dinner? This Friday they fed us deep fried catfish. It was sooooo good! (He has a deep fryer so almost everything they feed us is deep fried. No complaints from us) They're from Mississippi and they cook everything Cajun style. I told him he needs to start a restaurant! After Christmas they're having us over to try his gumbo so I'll let you know how that goes!

We had to help the Van Nuys Elders move out of their apartment on Tuesday. They were emergency relocated to a new apartment so we were up till 12 at night taking car loads of stuff from one side of their area to the other. The best part about helping elders move is taking everything they don't want anymore. Elder Taylor and I both got brand new desks.  So it was all worth it.

We got three less actives to the Burbank nativity festival last night! We were trying to find people to go all week because Burbank was Elder Taylor's first area and he really wanted to see everyone. We finally got the Beauregard family to go. They're a lass active family that we've been working with for a while now. She really wants to get back to the Temple but they struggle coming to church because of the business they run. They loved the pageant and all the performances. They're going to try to come to church next week but we'll see what happens. We also got Sister Beck to come with us! She's such a nice Lady and loves to feed us but doesn't love coming to church. We'll get her to church somehow. We also had a Stake activity at the Granada Hills church! I got to see lots of people from my old area and it was way fun! I got to see Elder Anderson which was probably one of the highlights of my week.

Funny moment of the week: Elder Taylor is a really bad driver. I honestly fear for my life every time we have to drive somewhere...especially on the freeway. He loves driving so every time I asked to switch drivers he said no. So I had to come up with a legitimate reason to switch. I told him I'd learn the area faster if I drove. I don't know if that's true but it worked! I am now driving and I'm safe hahaha!

Message of the week: We taught Gospel Principles class this week during church. We talked about the sacrament and how we sometimes take it for granted without really noticing. We often don't realize what we have until it's gone. Imagine life without the wonderful blessing we have of starting the week fresh and having our sins lifted off our shoulders when we take the sacrament. Imagine how miserable we would all be. It's such a blessing.

Well I love you guys. Have a great holiday season!!

Elder Jensen