Monday, April 3, 2017

We have been seeing so many miracles lately

April 3, 2017

Hey there everyone! It's been another great week over here in Stevenson Ranch! There's been lots of work going on! We've been so busy juggling the office work and our area, but it has definitely been worth it because we have been seeing so many miracles lately.

So let's see...Well we've been able to teach Austen more! We went over to his house for the first time (since we had been teaching him at a member's home) and we were able to talk to his whole family there again. We brought girl scout cookies to explain tithing but haha he's so smart he already understood it. What was even crazier is that Mitch (his mom's boyfriend who also is not a member) understood tithing too! He was testifying of it to Austen and telling him how important it is to follow God's commandments. Haha Elder Nielsen and I looked at each other and pretty much said, "wow...this guy is gold." So that was awesome! Sadly, he went out of town this last weekend so we weren't able to teach him more, BUT! His baptism is this Saturday! We're so excited for him but his baptism definitely is not the end we need to get him sealed to his family. So pray that Austen can make it!

We also were able to see the Airds for a brief visit as well! Craig has been super busy....he has a lot of hard projects for work (he translates things into German for many different companies in Germany) but we were able to teach and testify of the importance of always doing our scripture study and always choosing to follow God's commandments! We told them about General Conference and they were able to watch Elder Uchtdorf speak which was really special for Sandy since they are both from the same place in Germany.

We had some cool exchanges too. I was able to go with my homie Elder Martin for the day! Just like the good ol' days! We had a super cool knock out where we found a new investigator named Diane. When she first opened her door she was really rude and uninterested but through some inspired questions we were able to get her to open up about how her mother was passing away. We testified of the Plan of Salvation and how she could come to know that there is more after this life and that she will see her mother again. We prayed with her and she began to cry. Right when we said Amen she tried to hug both of us and we just looked at each other in paranoia haha. I immediately squatted  down and picked up her dog that was outside and handed it to her. Hahahaha as soon as she closed the door we started laughing and just couldn't stop! Elder Martin and I always have such good times. It was a great exchange and it was awesome to see how much he has progressed since his first 6 weeks in the mission that I was with him. Oh and Since we were in Valencia, we hit CafĂ© Rio for dinner ;) it's always a good night when you have Cafe Rio.

We also had a church tour with Ragi, the father of the Egyptian family we are teaching! We met at the church and brought an awesome member to help us out. We taught the Restoration and our member testified of how the church and Gospel blesses families so much! At the end Ragi said..."My family would love this. I feel comfortable bringing them here." So pray that Ragi will be able to get Sundays off so he can bring his family to church!

Well I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Con Amor
Elder Jensen

General conference with the Valencia Zone Leaders (Wade and Hale).

Healthy snack with E. Martin.

Elder Martin and I chillin at Conference.

Brother Weatherford bought us all lunch!

Conference Brunch at the Green.

Wrecking Joseph Green in ping-pong real quick.