Monday, August 22, 2016

The Lord always puts us in the right place at the right time

August 22, 2016

Hey everyone!

I love Santa Clarita so much! So many miracles are happening in this area. Elder Wade and I have noticed that the Lord always puts us in the right place at the right time. We'll have a 15 second gap to cross paths with someone and some how that 15 seconds lines up perfectly. Plus it always ends up that we crossed paths with someone who is interested in hearing the Gospel. It just blows our minds sometimes! We were looking for a referral at this apartment complex in our area and we ended up walking around the whole complex in a big circle like total idiots haha. Well this guy named Joey got out of his car and we started talking. Well turns out that his girlfriend is a member and he's been really interested lately. So we taught the Restoration and he asked for a Book of Mormon and said he would read it and come to church and everything! Stuff like that happens every day which is pretty awesome.

Update on Manet. So she has still been meeting with Elder Martin and she has made some huge progress! She got her answer and knows that she needs to be baptized!! She said she wants to talk to the Bishop and make sure it's ok for her to get baptized again and if he says yes then she's all in! Hahaha we already know his answer will be yes! They also taught her the Word of Wisdom and during the lesson she got up, walked into her kitchen, and handed them all her tea and coffee. She's such a cool woman! If only everyone was as willing as her to live the Gospel...our jobs would be a lot easier haha. Keep her in your prayers.

We set a date with Ian which is a huge miracle considering that he's spent most of his life as an atheist. He's still confused about a lot of things and isn't sure if he believes anything but if he gets an answer that this is true he'll follow Jesus Christ and join this church. The ward really took him in yesterday at church which was awesome. He can feel the support and love they have for him and that's something he's never had...not even from family. So he knows there's something special here.

James also came to church yesterday! He smelled like an ash tray and it was awesome haha! The ward has always been super supportive. He brought his 6 year old daughter Kylie and she LOVED primary! She's a little rowdy but she's never been taught otherwise so it's God for her to learn how to be reverent. We introduced James to the Elders Quorum and said he was visiting with us this week...then he corrected us and said he was visiting from here on out and never leaving the church. SO COOL! I'll have to get a picture of him so you can realize how crazy it is to see a guy like him at church...and more importantly enjoying church. He's prepared!

We also had interviews with President this week. We set up times for everyone in the zone to meet with him and lets just say it was a long day. We were at the church from 8:30am to 5:30pm. But on the bright side we got free lunch! Haha, and it was cool to get to chill with Sister Henrie. Elder Wade and I just told jokes the whole time and made her laugh. After interviews we laid down on the floor and just passed out. Zone leader Life!! hahaha

Well that's pretty much my week! Hope you are all having a great week so far!

Elder Jensen

Lunch with the Sister Training Leaders, and President and Sister Henrie, at lunch in between interviews.

Operation Gratitude with Elder Shaw!

Our favorite Korean sister Nam.