Monday, February 15, 2016

We have been so blessed by the Lord

Hey Guys! This week was amazing! So much happened and we have been so blessed by the Lord.

We had our last lesson with Eddy this week and he's already being a missionary! As we were walking to his door a woman came up to us and started telling us her life story in Spanish. We had no idea what she was saying and she thought we were being rude by not replying but then Eddy came to the rescue and translated for us! She had read the entire Book of Mormon by herself and wanted to take the lessons. She had just come from Honduras and really had an amazing life story. Eddy bore his testimony and told her how the gospel could mend her broken heart and give her new direction and purpose in life. The woman started crying and the Spirit was so strong even though we were on a busy street corner. We knew right then that Eddy was going to be an awesome addition to the ward! We also had his Baptism this week! He asked me to baptize him and it was such an awesome experience. I was a little worried at first because they only filled the fount up to my knees but I got him under. After I brought him up out of the water he just hugged me and couldn't stop crying. He was so happy!! He bore his testimony after the Baptism and said he is no longer his old self...he is now Saint Eddy. I love that guy so much!!! He is going to be an amazing member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! He was so prepared and we just came into the picture at the right time. We are so blessed here in Encino.

We met with Pamela Spencer again this week and taught her the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She liked it a ton and is still skeptical but we told her that the Gospel is like a relationship. If you don't put in any effort it won't work! So She promised to read her scriptures (which she hasn't done yet) and pray about them. Hopefully she puts in the effort to sincerely investigate the church so that the Holy Ghost can get through to her.

Funny story of the week: Sister Tripp is my favorite old lady in the ward!! She is 80 and has had a stroke recently so she has really had a rough time lately. We visit her and we've really gotten close to her. Anyway, she won't stop hugging us every time we see her! She hugs us at church at Baptisms literally everywhere. And we keep telling her that's not allowed but she has a really bad memory so she never remembers we just let it go and take all the hugs we can get! I have a soft spot for oldies.

Another Funny Story: Pamela Called us and told us she needed help moving something that she said was "a little heavy".....when we showed up we found out it was a 200 pound stone that was once in an Abbey and she wanted it carried up 3 flights of stairs to her apartment. We did it!   Not gonna lie, we've been working out over here.

We taught Janelle about the plan of salvation this week. Her mom is going to pass away soon because she recently had a lung transplant and it's not going well. She's been having a hard time accepting that and it was amazing to be able to bare my testimony on eternal families and how I know through this Gospel we can be together forever. She's found comfort in our message and hopefully she'll keep meeting with us.

Message of the week: The Holy ghost is a straight G. It guided us to Eddy and now it's going to guide him throughout his entire life. Elder Horito and I were talking after the confirmation about how right when they said "Receive the Holy Ghost" we felt something rush out of our hands. It was such a cool feeling and I'll never forget that power I felt.

Well I love you all and hope you have a great week!!

Elder Jensen

The Baptism of Eddy Felix on Valentines Day, 2016

Eddy Felix Baptism Day

Eddy Felix

Hauling a stone up to Pamela Spencer's apartment.