Monday, January 30, 2017

We need to slow down and unpack all the lessons and spiritual messages that God has given us in the scriptures. We need to let it go through our hearts and minds so that it will actually have an effect on us.

January 30, 2017

This week we finished up with Elder Ardern. He stayed until Wednesday and trained at two zone conferences, one on Tuesday and one on Wednesday. He gave some awesome training's on teaching, and matching the message we share as missionaries through our attributes. He is by far one of the most personable and entertaining general authorities I have ever met! My notebook was just filled with quotes he said haha! I learned so much from him. After the zone conference on Wednesday President and Sister Henrie had to run him to the airport so he didn't miss his plane, so I got to drive sister Henrie's Ford Edge back to the mission home. It's my first time driving without a tiwi in a while and let's just say I put the twin turbo to use hahaha.

On Thursday we had new missionary training where all the trainers and trainees met with us and president and received some instruction. It's crazy to think that I was one of those trainees a year and a half ago. Time has flown by and I've grown so much throughout the course of my mission. I'm pretty sure I said like one thing in that meeting and just took silent notes the rest of the time haha. Now I'm giving the training! Lots has changed.

We also had a world wide missionary broadcast on Friday. There were some crazy new changes (that we have known about since December) that were put into place during the broadcast. The missionary schedule was changed a lot. Missionaries now have the freedom to pretty much arrange their schedule however they see fit from 10am and on. Also, Preparation day is an hour longer and missionaries can go to bed an hour earlier if they need to. They made all these changes so that missionaries would be healthier and able to work more effectively and efficiently in their area. Being the Assistants, Elder Deyholos and I got to work with President Henrie and create the missionary schedule that best fit our mission. It was a pretty unique experience making changes that will affect this mission for potentially years. Hopefully we did it right haha!

We met with Albert this week and he's just struggling with his Book of Mormon reading. He's not the greatest reader in English or in Russian because it's older language and it's hard to understand if you're brand new to scripture. So we're helping him out as best we can at our lessons. The members are really doing a great job at fellow-shipping him and making him feel at home...we're teaching him what he needs...but it's not getting to him for some reason. I just wonder if he has real intent, but we'll see what happens.

We were out doing knockout the other day and the craziest thing happened. We knocked into this girl who was in her early 20's and she was telling us how she was partying the night before and that she was super sick because she drank to much. She went on to tell us that she wanted to change and be better. So we started teaching her about the gospel of Jesus Christ and how it's there to help us change and be truly happy. Then mid lesson she started to gag and Elder Deyholos and I just looked at each other trying to decide who was going to give her the Heimlich. Luckily the gagging stopped so that wasn't needed, but then she went super pale...and puked all over the ground right at our feet. Luckily nothing got on either of us. SO thankful for that! We didn't shake hands goodbye because hers were covered in puke...but we did get a return appointment for tonight :) Just out here putting in work and finding the elect!

One thing that elder Ardern said that I thought I would share with you was
"It doesn't matter how much of The Book Of Mormon we go through...what matters is how much of The Book Of Mormon goes through you. The Lord packs more into the scriptures than we tend to unpack."
We often read through pages of scripture and then look back and go...what did I just read? We need to slow down and unpack all the lessons and spiritual messages that God has given us. We need to let it go through our hearts and minds so that it will actually have an effect on us. That's one great lesson I learned this week.

Well I love you all so much and I hope you have a great week!

Elder Jensen

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