Monday, February 27, 2017

Time just flies by in the mission field!

February 27, 2017

Can you believe that it has already been another transfer?! I can't believe it...they just get faster and faster every time. Time just flies by in the mission field. Only 4 transfers left.
Well transfer calls came and I'll be staying as an assistant for the next transfer! Elder Deyholos will be heading back out as a zone leader for his last transfer in the mission and I'll be with Elder Nielsen training him as the new assistant to the President! He was my zone leader when I was in Burbank with Elder Martin and we lived in the same apartment for a transfer so I already know we'll get along great.

We were able to teach the Ayers family this week! We brought bishops Wife and she was perfect for Sandy. They really connected on the mother to mother level and talked a lot about how the gospel blesses kids lives and families in general which was really helpful. Then we taught the plan of salvation with German pamphlets and they could really relate when we talked about challenges and how the experiences we have in this life are there to help us grow and become better people. They have really gone through a lot and they have just been taking it all on their we testified about the atonement and read a few scriptures in German to help Sandy understand. After the lesson they asked where they should start reading the Book of Mormon. They started from the beginning as a family this week :) So cool to see them really striving to learn and apply the gospel in their lives. Craig said something really cool. He said "My mom is always so happy and I just know that's because she has a testimony of the can we get that too? How can we know?" They are so prepared. His mothers example has had an impact on him throughout the years.

We went to the temple this week as well. Santa Monica is so beautiful! California is really starting to grow on me...I could get used to this no snow and sunny skies every day thing. Never thought I'd say that!

Well I love you all! We have to go and get things ready for transfers tomorrow! Sorry for the short email.

Elder Jensen

Temple trip pics

Matching ties at the temple.

Hollywood sign from the temple.

Dinner at the Richards.
Maybe trying to swipe their IPAD!

Our homie Joseph in the ward.