Saturday, November 21, 2015

Week Two in the MTC

August 21, 2015

Hey everyone!!

 This week started off pretty normal! We had our usual 5 hour classes and averaged about 6 hours of sleep so It's not too bad. We've been doing a ton of role playing and practice teaching, and me and my companion aren't too bad at it! We got our first real investigator this week and we have taught her 3 of the discussions so far! She really wants to know about where we came from and where we are going so we've been teaching her a lot about the plan of salvation! In our second lesson I brought up the Priesthood and told her that I would get blessings before school and that they always brought me comfort! At the end of the lesson she said that when she came to BYU her family disowned her because they hate Mormons and that she was working 3 jobs so she could try and pay for college and she was super nervous that her grades would fall through because of all the time she spent at work. She had never heard of the Priesthood but she said something about how I talked about it made it sound so right and she knew she needed a blessing. So me and Elder Castillo told her that we would give her a blessing of council and comfort next lesson (These blessings don't need consecrated oil for those of you that don't know). We fasted all day and tried to make sure that we would say everything the spirit would tell us to. The next day before we left to meet with Miranda Elder Castillo left his Scripture case on his desk (with his oil in it) because we didn't need oil for our blessing, and I left my mission hand book on my desk (with the blessings in it) because we knew the blessing that we were going to give by heart. As we were leaving the class we both just stopped and looked at each other...and at the same time we said, "We meed to bring oil and the handbook. We didn't know why but we grabbed them just kind of forgot about it! We got to the lesson and Miranda told us that she had been getting really bad migraines and sometimes couldn't pronounce words properly. Elder Castillo pulled out his oil, I pulled out my handbook, and we just stared at each other for a sec. We asked if we could give her a blessing to heal her instead and she said that it was an answer to her prayers because she couldn't afford to go to a specialist and get checked out. We quickly looked at what we were supposed to say in the handbook and gave her the blessing. Now I was freaking out because I had never given a bless before, but after the blessing she said that I said things in there that were exactly what she was praying to hear and just started bawling. I don't remember anything I said but I do remember using super big words that aren't in my vocabulary because I'm a pretty simple speaker. I know that the spirit spoke through me yesterday during that blessing and I know that this church is true. God knew that she needed a healing blessing before we went to the lesson and he made sure we were prepared to help her through the nudging of the holy ghost. I never thought I would see miracles happen here in the MTC but it just goes to show you that when you listen to the spirit and make sure you are doing what is right you'll be able to help others when you least expect it.

Now for some funny stuff!
I have been drinking orange juice for every meal because its my favorite. At home I'd have orange juice a couple times a day but I took it to a whole new level here. I'm not 100% sure if its super hydrating but my urine's a healthy color so I think I'm ok...wish me luck though. I also got my first haircut here in the MTC.......lets just say I could have done a better job with a butter knife....that's not a joke. Not super happy with it but I'll live with it. Just hope my mission President doesn't think I'm crazy when I get to San Fernando next Tuesday!

Everyone in my district loves my family and my girlfriend so much because I've gotten four packages full of food, (answer to our prayers). You know you're lucky to have people in your life when people who have never met them before love them so much. Thanks to everyone who has sent me packages and letters!! They help more than you know!

I have come to realize that this mission might not be the best two years of my life, but it will be the best two years for my life. And because of that it will be the best two years of my life. I miss you all and hope everything is going great in Salt Lake! Keep me updated on what's happening!

-Elder Jensen