Saturday, November 21, 2015

This week has really showed me how important The Spirit is and how much it can bless our lives and others

November 2, 2015

This week was a pretty good week in Granada Hills!
Our investigator Aaron almost died!! He got an infection where they sliced him open and it started to spread to his organs. He got rushed to the hospital and is hooked up to an I.V now that pumps him full of antibiotics. We have been visiting him a ton lately and he really appreciates it because we are pretty much the only company he gets all week. He is back at home now and is doing a ton better! We really wanted to get him to come to church but that thought is going to have to be put on hold for a while because he really needs to fully recover first.

We got a new investigator during knockout! Her name is Renne. She's 18 and trilingual which is pretty crazy!! She speaks Armenian, Spanish, and English. We taught her the restoration at her door and she said that her family has been looking for a church to join for a really long time and that she couldn't wait to tell them about what she had just learned. We have another appointment with her this Wednesday and she wants the whole family to take the lessons with her. I just hope that they are supportive and let her take lessons if they don't end up being interested. We really appreciate all the prayers coming our way every day...we notice a huge difference...doors open more and people actually let us in.

We had a Halloween "party" this week after our knock out. Not exactly what I would call a party though. There was pizza and then we watched a movie. We watched Joseph Smith The Prophet of The Restoration. Elder Anderson and I voted for Paranormal Activity but we got shut down.  Just kidding. Knock out was interesting on Halloween. Lots of people were knocking doors and we got offered candy a lot because they thought we were in costume! We didn't pass up on their offers!

I went on an exchange with the Spanish zone leaders this week. It was super fun but the only thing I know how to say in Spanish is that I don't speak Spanish so that was interesting! We knocked in the projects and we had more success in one knock out there than I had in one month worth of k.o's in Granada which was crazy!! People are just much more humble there. We also had a man stop us and he pointed to his taco shop and said "Keep up the good work brothers. If you ever need food stop by my shop and I'll hook it up." Too bad I was only there for a day because I want some of those free tacos!!

Elder Anderson and I may have set a mission record this week. We gave eight blessings to eight different missionaries in one week, four each. The spirit is so real you guys!!! It's crazy when you have absolutely no idea what to say and then your mind just gets flooded with thoughts that you know aren't yours and you start to say things about someone that you couldn't have known without the spirit. We had lots of late nights because of the blessings we had to give but it's nice to know you are the go to Elders in the area.

Message of the week: Listen to the spirit!! It's hard to hear but it's so powerful. This week has really showed me how important it is and how much it can bless our lives and others. We always need to remember to take care of ourselves spiritually so that we can take care of others as well. We are all truly instruments in Gods hands. And I know that every experience we have is there for a reason...whether it's there for us to help others in the future or to help us grow and become better people. Short and sweet message this week but I hope you all took something from that.

Well I love and miss all of you so much and hope life is treating everyone well. Happy late Halloween!!

Elder Jensen