Saturday, November 21, 2015

Some crazy stuff happened this week!

September 7, 2015

Hey Everyone!!

Some crazy stuff happened this week!! We met with our Jewish investigator Aaron this week and taught him the word of wisdom. He said he's going to quit smoking so that he can be baptized by the 25th of October!! It's been hard for him so far but we're working with him and introducing members of the ward to him so that he has a support system. We picked him up some Sunday clothes from the thrift store we do our service at every week so now he has everything he needs! He was really worried about coming last week because he wants people to see him in his best so I hope this takes some of the pressure off!

We had a huge mission training this week and It was all focused on the Book of Esther! I really learned so much about my purpose out here. For those of you that don't know about Esther she was a woman from biblical times that saved her people from being killed because of her faith, courage, and loyalty to the Lord. I related that to my mission. As a missionary we're asked to be faithful to the promptings of the spirit all the time and I learned that if we do so we can bless so many peoples lives and many lives to come. I also learned that we need to be courageous. If we're not courageous and talk to that guy walking his dog or the woman getting her mail just because we're afraid to get rejected or yelled at again we could miss out on potential opportunities to bless people. That's definitely something I need to work on this week because I hate getting yelled. One thing my trainer taught me to do is just walk away and laugh because they have no idea what they're missing out on. I think it's crazy how people can overlook the fact that we took two years out of our lives to help them and get mad at us for caring about them. I've been really struggling to love the people here because they definitely don't love us but I know that every night when I get home I have a proud family at home, proud friends, and a proud savior. That's all that matters. I also learned that when I was in heaven I promised certain people that I would find them and teach them. I know for a fact that I'm out here for a reason and that there are people waiting for me. I'm going to be loyal to that promise I made and I'm going to work my butt off to be a blessing to those people.

I also learned about the three emotions of missionary work but it really applies to everything in life. The three emotions are
1. Feeling like you have to do something
2. Feeling like you need to do something
3. Wanting to do something.
In order to serve at our full potential we really need to want to serve others out of love and charity. That's been my goal this week is to really want to be charitable towards others even when they reject you.

FUN FACT!!! We found maggots in one our kitchen drawers this weekend! We were led to them by the terrible smell in our apartment. The missionaries from two transfers ago left potatoes in a drawer and they were all rotten and nasty. So naturally, Elder Anderson and I being Eagle Scouts, made a flamethrower and torched them.

​Elder Anderson was a fire fighter before he came on his mission so we were totally fine!! There was a pitcher of water near by. We spent the next hour cleaning all the bugs out and dumped bleach all over so we could feel sort of safe from disease and tapeworms.

That's pretty much our week so far!! We're working hard! Thanks for all the support !!!

Quote of the week "Nothing easy is good and nothing good is easy"-anonymous
-Elder Jensen

​Also I found a golf club in the apartment!!! Super blessed for that haha!