Saturday, November 21, 2015

Flight to California and First week in San Fernando

September 2, 2015

Hey Fam!!!

Just a few important things real quick. P-days are on Mondays but this week got switched because we had a mission wide conference. My address is

17346 Chatsworth #104
Granada Hills, CA 91344

Send packages to the mission home because they'll get stolen from our area (super sketchy area) But you can send letters straight to me!

    Ok here's how my week went.
Tuesday Morning we woke up at 2:00 am and got ready to leave by three. We took trax to the airport and  got on the plane at 8 which made me so mad because we could have slept for at least another 2 hours hahaha. They flight wasn't bad but we had a connection flight in Tacoma Seattle. On the Flight from Seattle I sat next to a 69 year old woman named Marissa who had an abusive childhood and blamed it all on god. She said that she's tried to understand why those things happened to her so I started to explain the concept of agency and how God couldn't take that away from us even if he wanted to step in and stop what was happening to her. Then I went into the atonement and explained how Christ suffered every pain and sorrow she ever experienced when he was in the garden. I told her that he did that for her on a very personal level and that because of that sacrifice he made she could find peace of mind and feel healed emotionally. She really grabbed onto that and then started asking tons of questions about our church and why I felt like I needed to go teach people about it for two years. I told her it was for reasons just like this. I wanted people to feel the happiness and comfort that I felt through living the gospel. I wrote a note to her in the front of a Book of Mormon I had in my bag and told her that this book is full of answers to life's questions and would bring her peace. She said she would read it and email me with any questions. I don't know if she'll join the church but I hope I comforted her and I know I planted a seed .
    When we got to the airport and stepped off the plane it was 114 degrees outside!! Everyone was sweating a ton except me because I don't really have much to sweat off hahahahaha. They took us to a hotel and told us to sleep for 12 hours so we could go to work the next day. I was so excited!!! It was my last time sleeping in for two years and man it felt nice!

    The next day we got assigned to our trainers. Everyone said you want Elder Anderson to train you because he's a hard worker but is still so much fun to be with. Well I got Elder Anderson and they were right he is awesome!! We have so much fun together but get a ton of work done out here! We went to meet with a potential investigator named Carla. She's 18 and is really interested in the church! We taught her about the restoration and she loved it so I just straight up asked her if she would get baptized and she said yes! My companions jaw just dropped because it was my first day, first lesson, and I already had a baptismal commitment haha. Now I'm known around the mission as the guy who got a baptism on his first day. Crazy things happen when you listen to the spirit!

    Thursday sucked! We had weekly planning which took up most of our morning followed by knock out. Knock out is a mission wide thing where we knock doors every day from 4-6. It sucks extremely bad in this heat but we pick up investigators this way so its worth is. At 3:55 we pray that we'll find people to teach and be safe so if anyone else wants to join in at 3:55 feel free to!

    The ward is super good to us! Not as good as my home ward though! We are usually get fed around 5 times a week which is awesome! On Sunday I got to meet all of them and they all offered to help us with anything we need!

      On Friday we meet with a 60 year old man named Aaron. He's Jewish and Didn't believe that Christ was the Messiah so we showed him prophesies of Christ in the old testament coming true in the new testament. By the end of the lesson he believed that Christ was the Messiah and asked for a Book of Mormon and invited us to come back. Well we met with him again yesterday and he was already half way through the Book of Mormon! He  said that he felt the spirit as he read and believes that the church is true. So I asked him if he would commit to be baptized by October 25th and he said yes!! It was such a cool experience but there was one thing he was worried about and it's quitting smoking. He smokes a lot...we leave our lessons reeking of smoke because he smokes during our lessons. He knows that he'll be able to get through it with the lords help so pray for him and pray that we'll be able to help him!. He also committed to come to church but didn't have any church clothes so we're picking some up for him when we do our service at the thrift store.

Well I'm out of time! There's so much more I wish I could tell you guys but It'll have to twait till next week. The mission is hard but it's already shaping me into a better person! Thanks so much for all of the support and love that I have felt!! Miss you all and hope all is well back in SLC!

Elder Jensen

Flying into Washington then on to California.

Drew's first night in California with Elder Phillips from the MTC, August 25, 2015.  This photo was sent by a woman in the hotel who happened to see these two Elders at breakfast.  She is a missionary mom and has a daughter on a mission in Florida.  She asked them if she could send their moms a picture!  I was so greatful!!

New missionaries in the San Fernando mission today August 26, 2015