Saturday, November 21, 2015

I'm being transferred to Encino

November 16, 2015

Hey everyone!! Another week down! Well I'm out of Granada Hills and I'm being transferred to Encino which is only 15 minutes away. It's another car area and my new companion will be Elder Taylor. I'm super stoked to check out the new area tomorrow!! I'll let you know all about it next Monday.

My new address is:

16815 Vanowen St. #201
Van Nuys, CA. 91406

Well sister Bradford did end up going home which is super sad. But on the bright side we got their old apartment!!! Our mission president called on Tuesday and told us to move out immediately because our apartment was being shut down. It was so trashed because it's been through a lot of missionaries. We upgraded big time!!! It's like we went from a cheap motel to a penthouse suite! Sister missionaries are livin' lavish I'll tell ya. We packed up ASAP and moved in. It took us a while because we had to take multiple trips. We had to take Anderson's bike and our desks and all of our luggage plus we had to clean the old apartment. After hours of deep cleaning I can honestly say it didn't do a thing. On the not so bright side I only got the penthouse suite for a few days. I unpacked everything and now I have to repack again and move to my new area. Another benefit of being transferred is that I no longer have to speak in church! I was scheduled to speak on the 29th...bummer!

We met with Aaron this week and he's getting a lot better!! I said bye to him and shared my testimony. He's an awesome guy and I'll miss him a lot...he's a crumpled 20$ bill but still a 20$ bill! He said not to worry about him because he was going to start going to church. I hope he gets baptized eventually!! We didn't have a lot of success in this area but I feel like I really helped him understand why we have trials in our lives and helped him grow closer to his heavenly father! He's a great example to me of enduring to the end.

Funny story of the week: On Wednesday we had a night out with the girls. It's not what it sounds like!!! We got invited to a Hawaiian relief society dinner party at the ward! It was literally 60 old women and then us. We felt so out of place but we were the life of the party! The food was super good and they sent us home with a full cheese cake and a huge tray of food which was really nice of them.

Message of the week: Elder Anderson and I had a sweet companionship study this week on prayer. We read 1 Thessalonians 5:17 "Pray without ceasing". Such a simple scripture but it's deep. I started thinking about how when I'm a father I'm going to want my kids to tell me all about their lives, about their struggles, about what they need help with, and tell me how much they appreciate what I do for them. Our Heavenly Father is the same exact way! He gave us such an amazing gift so we could let him know about our lives on a very personal level. He wants to hear from us daily because he loves us. We can all work on either praying more or making our prayers more meaningful.

Also, yesterday we went to our favorite Philippino families house for dinner and they threatened to feed us's a fermented duck egg with a dead chick inside.....we talked them out of it. Thank goodness!

Love you guys and hope you are all having a great Holiday Season!!!

Elder Jensen

Our apartment in Encino.