Monday, April 24, 2017

The Lords hand is truly in the work and he is preparing people all over the place.

April 24, 2017

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a great week! Elder Martin and I are lovin' life down here in Woodland Hills! I'll give you a quick recap of some of the memorable things we did this week.

We were able to have an awesome lesson with Manet on Monday!! We talked a lot about the Book of Mormon and the spirit she had felt in the past from reading it. She committed to continue reading it and coming to church so she can find out if this is still the path for her to go down. She bore her testimony about the word of wisdom and told us how she went to the doctor and he said "No more tea or coffee. It's bad on your health." and she said "My sons already told me to stop so I did." We both thought that was pretty cool. It was great to get to see our Armenian grandma again.

We had more great lessons with Mary Anne and were actually able to start teaching her daughter. We felt inspired one day to go and ask Mary Anne if there was anything we could do for her and she asked us to wash her car. I guess that really touched her daughter because she kept asking us why we were so happy and smiled all the time. We started to teach about serving others and having charity just like Jesus Christ. She asked to learn more so we will have a lesson with her this week!

We got to help the community out this week by painting fire hydrants with a bunch of members and other people from the county. It's always good to get out there and show them we love to serve.

We also had a great lesson with a girl named Tabatha! We talked about the Restoration and had one of her member friends there which helped out a lot. At the end of the lesson she said "I want to get baptized this summer", so we're stoked about that. Hopefully 2 baptisms coming up here soon in the Woodland Hills area!

We saw so many miracles this week. We have really been working on finding new people to teach and we were led to so many awesome people while we were knocking doors. The Lords hand is truly in the work and he is preparing people all over the place.

Well I hope you all have a great week! Sorry for the short email but I'll send lots of pictures to make up for it!

Elder Jensen

Someone got arrested at our complex a few nights ago. #Cali

Car wash pics


Mary Anne taking us on an Iris tour in her garden LOL.