Monday, September 12, 2016

Transfer News! Elder SILVA is going to be my companion again!!! Miracles are happening all over.

September 12, 2016

Transfer News! Sadly Elder Wade is going to be leaving me :( He's going to be a District Leader and a Trainer back in the promise land! (The San Fernando Valley) I'm sure going to miss him. He's been one of my favorite companions ever and has the most powerful testimony of The Book of Mormon that I have ever heard. It literally saved his life and it's just amazing. But to make this sad moment a little less sad...Elder SILVA is going to be my companion again!!! We always joked about how we were going to get reunited and be Zone Leaders together and now it's actually happening haha! This transfer is gonnna fly by even faster than the last.

Here's a little update on how our week went.
We had an awesome lesson with Jim Jacobson on Wednesday. The only downside was that he made us eat the dove he just shot hunting that's not the tastiest meat. Plus you had to make sure you didn't mash your teeth with the bird shot. I'm just sticking with chicken. Our lesson was sick though. We talked about the Priesthood and he pulled out his note pad and was jotting down scriptures and things he was going to study. His interest in the Priesthood all started when he came to the 7am Priesthood Session of Stake Conference and saw so many men all together learning the Gospel and talking about how they can improve. It really impressed him and now he wants to be a part of that as well.

James came to church with his entire family and his girlfriend had so many friends in the ward that she didn't know were Mormon! Such a miracle and blessing for James to have her on board now. She loves the CC1 ward. She also said she would marry him!! WOOOHOOO! So stoked about that! She sees the changes he's making and she knows he's sincere! So now he just needs to boot smoking get married and he can be baptized! Keep him in your prayers! I'm almost positive that Shannon (the girlfriend) and her daughters will all get baptized too as they continue to learn with James.

We gave a blessing to a lady named Shirley this week. She was having some health issues. Well her daughter was there and was asking a ton of questions and was really interested. Well the next day Shirley called us and she was all better! The blessing had totally healed her! Her daughter was so impressed that she wants to come to church now! Miracles are happening all over the CC1 ward!!

Well I'm so sorry for the short email this week but we have to go get some things ready for transfers! I love you all and hope you have a great week!!

Elder Jensen

James at Church!

Ian and his crazy motorcycle he's fixing.

We were asked to drive cars to the to drive alone! Crazy!!!

More car pics.

The Jellings kids!!

Kids love me I guess.