Monday, September 12, 2016

The Spirit really changes hearts...I've witnessed it so many times on my mission.

September 19, 2016

Oh my gosh the craziest thing happened...I'm living in a straight up posterity apartment haha!! So here's the set up. Elder Silva, Elder Martin, and Elder Kerr (who is from Skyline Highschool by the way!), and myself! I'm living with two of my trainees and my trainees trainee. Lets just say it's a really good time haha! It's really awesome having such a solid bond between all of your roomates. Elder Silva and I are starting out this transfer here in Canyon Country just like we started out our companionship in Van Nuys....deathly ill. Elder Martin brought a terrible cold with him and it spread quick. We're healing up quick though.

We had a killer lesson with Jim Jacobson this Wednesday. It was the first lesson Elder Silva and I taught together since Van Nuys and man...we still have the flow! When one of us would stop the other would just pick up where they left off and it was just so spiritual. The Spirit can really flow when you can flow with your companion and teach in unity. We started off by answering lots of Jim's questions about the family and how it should be...then as we started to see the Spirit work on him we asked him if he would be baptized on October 22nd and he said "You know guys...I have a lot to learn and I couldn't learn it all by the 22nd. When I'm ready I'll get baptized." And then the Spirit took over the conversation and we were able to show him that he knew enough...he knew all of this was true and he knew it was the only way to true happiness in this life and the next. Then he asked us what the significance was behind the 22nd. We told him that we had prayed about it very hard and that was the date that God told us he could be ready by. Now this is where Jim showed how humble he was...he said "Well...if God told you I'd be ready...then I'll do it! The 22nd it is!" Jim and I have grown pretty close over the few weeks I've been here and I just bore my testimony about how big of an influence he will be on the youth's lives because he will seriously be the coolest youth leader ever. I told him how I wish he could have been one of my leaders because I've already learned so much from him. So keep Jim in your prayers! He's already starting to make big changes so he can be ready in a month. The Spirit really changes hearts...I've witnessed it so many times on my mission.

We have so many awesome investigators and there is so much I wish I could tell you about but there's never enough time.

Funny story: Elder martin has no idea how to cook...some how he started a grease fire while cooking white rice.......yeah don't ask me how that happened.

Another Funny Story: Some sisters broke their apartment door so we literally fixed it with super glue and a kitchen attached. Don't ask questions.

Elder Silva and I are huge jokesters and Sister Henrie has grown to really enjoy our senses of humor so last night she invited us to have dinner at the mission home! President cooks a mean Tri-tip!!! And sister Henrie's brownies are straight heaven...although I think they're just out of a box...none the less they were brownies.

Well I love you all so much and I hope you have a great week!!

Elder Jensen

Fixing the Sister Missionaries door.

Elder Silva and I fixing the Sisters door with a kitchen knife and super glue!

Our tools.

Elder Silva, Martin and Kerr with Elder Jensen.

Elder Silva, Martin and Kerr with Elder Jensen