Monday, July 18, 2016

I always need to remain faithful and will always be a Disciple of Christ

Hello everyone! It's been another hot week in Cali!

 So after emailing last week, we played flag football. Exciting, right? Elder Martin was so excited to play because he played football in high school so I just sat on the sideline and watched. Well it's all fun and games until someone gets hurt. And this week, it happened to be Elder Martin. As he was pulling the flag from someone, they spun, and his hand went with them, and all I heard was "POP" and he turned to Elder Olivas and said "I broke my wrist". We thought he was fine but it was literally just dangling there. Elder Andersen made a make-shift splint for him out of socks and sticks haha. The Eagle scout really came out of him! So Elder Martin joined me on the sideline.  Pre x-ray, was nerve damage and sprained wrist. Post x-ray, in the doctors words "Snapped wrist and minor nerve damage". So now, here's Elder Martin with a broken wrist in a splint, and me...broken elbow, also in a splint and a sling. I bet that's the first time President Henrie has heard of companions both being broken at once hahaha.

Since we were both in splints this week we couldn't drive and we couldn't we ended up walking everywhere. It was terrible!!! It was in the 100's all week and we were just dripping with sweat. We'd talk to people on the street and they'd say "stay cool today!" And we'd just chuckle and then definitely not keep cool. But here's an update on my elbow. So last week I got x-rays and the doctors said it was fractured. There was a distinct crack on the first x-ray, and blood filling the joint.  So I got a Priesthood blessing from Elder Olivas and just had faith that everything was gonna work out how it needed to. So this week we went in for a follow up at the Orthopedic Surgery Clinic. They took more x-rays and the doctors couldn't find the fracture anymore! It had just disappeared. The doctors couldn't believe it and the mission nurse, Sister Farrimond, said it was gonna go down as her "mission miracle!" haha. So I'm currently out of the split and sling doing some stretches every day to get my range of motion back. We have the car back and I can drive. The Priesthood is real!!

We met with Manet twice this week and she is still amazing. She finished the Book of Mormon last night and is following the council in Moroni 10:3-5 tonight before she goes to bed. We talked about 3 Nephi chapter 8 where it talks about the last days and she was just amazed at how much is coming to pass. That was definitely a big testimony builder for her. She knows this book has so much validity she just needs that spiritual witness now. We went through the first three baptismal questions with her and she believes that Joseph Smith was a Prophet. She said "Why would anyone lie about this? It's too beautiful!", said in an Armenian accent haha! She's so awesome. She calls us her Grandsons and wants us to tell our mothers that she is our Nanna while we are away from home! So mom...I'm being taken care of by a sweet Armenian need to worry haha! Keep her in your prayers this week.

We also met with Ashley and Diana this week! Ashley is still so excited to join her mother as a member of the church! We taught about the Plan of Salvation and how they could be together as a family forever! They are seriously best friends and Ashley loves her mom more than anything in the whole world. Her face just lit up when we testified about eternal families and how death doesn't separate us. She's found the missing piece to her life that she never knew was gone and you can just see that she is so happy.

We finally got in contact with a less active member that has been off the radar for so long! He just got back from his mission in Milan in February and has only been to church a hand full of times since. Recently he hasn't been at all. He called us the other night and was so sad on the phone. He asked us to meet him ASAP so we told him we'd be right there.  He said "Elders...I'm less active. I never would have guessed that it would be me. I served a mission and never thought it would be me!" We read together in John 21 and talked about how the Apostles returned to fishing after Christ died and how Christ told them that Disciples never die...they are always Disciples and they are always supposed to share his Gospel. The Spirit was so strong and Elder Martin and I were basically crying haha. He was so thankful for our message and he said "I'm coming back. This Sunday I'm coming back!" Such a special experience and a huge reminder that I always need to remain faithful and that I will forever be a Disciple of Christ!

Well those are the highlights of our week! I hope you all have a great week!

Elder Jensen

Dumb and Dumber!

Another year mark ceremony!


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