Monday, June 6, 2016

We must have tenacity as disciples of Jesus Christ.

June 6, 2016

I think summer has officially started here in California. It's definitely starting to heat up! We have had a few 100 degree days and we basically wear sweat suits so it never ends well. We still don't have a mirror by the way...I think they have just forgotten about us.

Daniel came to church for his second time this month! He stayed for the whole 3 hours and afterwards he was telling us how much he enjoyed the lessons and classes. And also the members just really helped out and reached out to him and showed their love. He seemed to really enjoy speaking Tagalog with the other Philippino members and we could just see him slowly feel more and more comfortable!  Something so cool about Daniel is that he is sincerely trying to find out if this church is true and he is really relying on the Spirit of the Lord to tell him. We are very happy for Daniel as he is coming closer and closer to the knowledge of our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. 

We met with the Boatmans this week! They have been less active since Sister Boatman got baptized last year. Anyway, they were super happy that we reached out and they asked us to come over!  They said that they want their 8 year old daughter to get baptized this year and that they really need to start coming back to church. That was before we could even say anything so that was very cool.  We're excited to work with Brother and Sister Boatman and their little kids! Such an awesome family!

We met with the Mata's as well!! Michael is ready for baptism! He just needs to get interviewed by the Bishop. He has really come a long way in his Gospel knowledge! He is such a cool kid and is like a brother to elder Silva and I. I can't wait for him to get the Holy Ghost so he can feel that guidance in his life.

Those are the highlights of the week. Oh and one other cool thing happened! We went golfing last P-day! A member from the YSA ward took us!! It was so nice to get back on the course and have fun!!

Message of the week: We must have tenacity as disciples of Jesus Christ. What does tenacity mean? Tencity is the quality or fact of being very determined, persistent, stubbornly dedicated, and steadfast. It's the act of not quitting! We must be tenacious in our membership of the church. Satan never quits so obviously we can't either. We must always have our eyes set on a greater goal..which is eternal life. When we fall into temptation or sin we must be tenacious. We need to try again and again to overcome our weaknesses and shortcomings. And as we do so the lord will turn those weaknesses into strengths.

Love you all so much! Have a great week!

Elder Jensen

Elder Silva and I golfing on P-day!

Elder Sponseller and Elder Silva and I on the course.

Elder Silva and I with a member and Elder Elder Sponseller and Elder Long.

Elser Silva, a member, Elder Long,  Sister Dhoner, Sister Bullock, me and Elder Sponseller.