Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Don't make excuses, just go!

May 31, 2016

This week was a rough one here in North LA. We lost a few of our flaky investigators but that's how it goes some times! It was a tough finding week as well but it's not always easy! Actually it's never easy haha, but that's how you learn and grow!

We went to the Temple today for our birthdays! It was so awesome. The spirit is so strong in the temple and it really strengthens your testimony that the church is true! It was pretty cool to be able to put all our investigators on the prayer list as well. I know that will make a difference as they feel prayers coming their way.

We met with Daniel a couple times this week! It's so cool to see him rely on the spirit and not on his personal wants. He is still praying for a baptismal date and I know he will get an answer through his faith. We read together out of the Book of Mormon again and he's starting to understand the wording more. It's still tough for him and he struggles, but he's working through it. I just look at him and see so much potential and I just want him to experience the blessings this gospel has to offer so bad!

We went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders this week. Elder Adams came with me in our area. During K.O. we knocked into Marcos and his family. He let us in and I taught the restoration in english then Elder Adams would translate it into spanish so they could understand. The spirit was so strong so we decided to set a baptismal date with them. We committed them to be baptized on July 2nd! The spirit really can soften hearts!!

Also During K.O. the other day Elder Silva and I were walking down the street and saw a young teenager playing basketball with his dad. We challenged them to a 2 on 2 match and they kinda laughed because we were in dress shoes and church clothes. Well...they were mind blown when we beat them hahaha. They let us share a card with them and I know that even though they didn't want to hear our message at the time, Christian (the teenage kid) has a new outlook on missionaries. I know that next time the opportunity comes for him to listen to missionaries he will be more willing. Planting seeds is how we roll!

We got to meet with Michael this week! He asked to be baptized before we leave the area. We really have grown close. It's a total miracle that we have been able to get him to this point. He wants to be baptized so bad that he actually listens and focuses by himself now! The Lord came in clutch...he truly is by our side.

Funny story of the week: So just a quick update on the mirror. We still don't have it. 5 weeks without a mirror hahaha! And here's the bad news...we're now down to 1 and a half mirrors. Some guy shattered our right mirror as he tried to merge and then he took off! California drivers kill me. Wish us luck.

Message of the week: We went and visited Diane in the rest home this week. Haha as we walked in the door we were swarmed by a bunch of old ladies who wouldn't stop trying to hold our hands and ask for our names! We were literally attacked! But Diane had a fall and broke her arm and shattered her knee cap. Anyways, she's doing good for the most part. We talked about how Christ is always our guiding light and how if we follow that light we will make it through the darkness. One thing she said is that she's in a lot of darkness right now because she stopped going to church when she moved to California. She said that she wishes that she would have furthered her spiritual progression while she had the chance because now she can't attend church no matter how bad she wants to. So that's the message this week. Take advantage of the opportunity you have to go to church each week and progress spiritually! Don't make excuses, just go! That's one huge lesson I've learned this transfer.

Well I love you all so much and hope you have a great summer!!

Elder Jensen