Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Sweet email from Elder Silva

May 16, 2016

I received a sweet email from Elder Silva on Monday.  I was especially touched and appreciative of his comments about Andrew.  

      "Mama Jensen,

Gosh Do I love and appreciate you and your family. I really want to thank you for sending me those books and pictures of the first presidency and apostles those are really cool.
Holy smokes and thank you for sending some fun toys as well. I have almost lost an eye already, way fun in our apartment now.

Something that I really appreciate about your son is that he himself is truly converted to the Gospel and really understands why he is here. This really makes me happy knowing that when he is teaching he is really understanding the importance of what he is teaching and who he is teaching. I will never forget the missionaries that taught me and the blessing that this Gospel has brought to my life as well as my families even though they are not members yet. I want you to know that Elder Jensen has his heart in this work and that he is representing Our Savior Jesus Christ and is not only helping others who are not members but also the missionaries around him.

I am excited to also have a party fro his birthday this wednesday as well, there will be gifts. I promise.

Mama Jensen Thank you so much for your example and faithfulness. Thank you for your membership in the Church. Thank you for your sacrifices. THIS CHURCH IS TRUE. Your Heavenly Father loves you and all that you do."

Elder Silva