Monday, May 16, 2016

With the Lords help and the right timing we will be able to do it.

May 16, 2016

We had another busy week! There was just so much stuff we had to do to settle into our new apartment and get situated. So about the car mirror...we got to the shop to get it fixed and he pulls the mirror out and it was completely wrong. It was the wrong color, the wrong side, and the wrong model. The only thing the guy got right was that it was a mirror. So we are going another week with no mirror!

We taught Ben Nunez this week and it was awesome! He really opened up to us about what is going on in his life with his family and the struggles he is going through. We talked about the Gospel and how it really helps us see things in an eternal perspective which makes it easier to go through trials and struggles in this life. He loves when we come by and teach him but the main challenge we have with Ben right now is that he already goes to a church. He has lots of friends there so it's been really hard for him to find the desire to visit our church. It's a huge change for him so of course it will be difficult to get him to church...but I know that with the Lords help and the right timing we will be able to do it.

We also taught Lorena. She was a potential we found a few weeks ago during knockout. She let us teach her the restoration on her doorstep and as we taught she agreed with all the basic things we taught her about. We told her about modern day Prophets and asked her what she thought about it. She said it would be awesome if we had Prophets on the earth again. We testified that there were again Prophets on the earth and the Spirit must have touched her heart because she set up a return appointment! She's awesome, but she also has the same challenge as Ben. She already goes to church and has lots of friends there so she said it would be hard for her to come visit. Once again...the Lord is gonna have to come in clutch. A 22 year old and a teenager can't do this on their own.

Michael was a little difficult this week. He threw a huge tantrum right as we sat down and then peed his the lesson had to be salvaged. We got it under control though. We taught him the story of Alma the younger and how he repented from what he had done wrong and eventually became a missionary! Michael loved following along as we talked about the pictures in the story book scriptures. It was kind of a flash back to my child hood. My parents would always teach us out of that book and I'm so thankful that they did. It really helped me get a better idea of the stories in the Book of Mormon which helped me learn once I was old enough to actually read. I'm just so thankful for parents that taught me the Gospel from a young age. SO blessed because of that.

Funny story of the week: So when we got to our new apartment the Zone Leaders had clogged the kitchen sink because they had been dumping food down the side that didn't have the garbage disposal. Anyway, one night while we were cooking dinner the sink started to fill up with water (it was more food than water though). Elder Silva and I just stood there staring at it. Right when it was about an inch from overflowing I think panic set in because we both sprinted towards the garbage can. We pulled out the bag and then got bowls and began filling the can with the disgusting water. Hahaha oh man it was terrible! We had no where to dump the water out so we just carried it to our Zone Leader's tub and dumped it in there. We filled the large garbage can about 4 times until we finally plugged the drain. When the ZL's got home we told them what had happened and they died laughing! They thought it was so funny that we had to clean all of that up! Elder Allen caught his breath for a second and asked us "So where'd you dump it all?" When we told them they didn't think it was quite as funny hahaha! Oh man good times!!

Oh and I forgot to tell you about another funny thing that happened this week. I got a Birthday package from my mom with 4 nerf guns in for everyone in our apartment. We kinda took it to the extreme and we put small needles on the ends of the darts and we were chasing each other around our apartment shooting each other hahahaha. It was so fun!!

Well I love you all so much! I hope you have a safe week!

Elder Jensen

About to open our gifts from my Parents for my Birthday!  All the cookies were gone within 2 days hahaha!  Everyone loved them! 

And the Nerf were they a hit!!  Everyone was so excited to get them!  Me, Elder Allen, Elder Silva, and Elder Adams ready for a Nerf war.


Our apartment got destroyed during our nerf war.  I loved the Birthday surprises from home!  Thank you Mom and Dad!!  And not only did I love it, but everyone loved it!  Thank you for the awesome Birthday package!!!  Thank you for making this Birthday away from home awesome!  I love you so so so much!!!