Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Surprise talk in Sacrament meeting this week!

March 28, 2017

Hey Everyone!

It's been another great week with Elder Nielsen here in Stevenson Ranch! Things slowed down with our other assistant duties this week, so we were left with quite a bit of time to work in our area! So we went out and started working like crazy!  We have been so blessed with investigators lately. We found 4 new investigators this week.

We had an awesome lesson with Austin this week and He's progressing super well and just loves our visits! He seems super excited to be baptized still! We were actually able to start teaching his Moms Fiance as well! We taught about the commandments and how they are huge blessings that protect us from the things that can restrict us and harm us in this life. Mitch (the fiance) really liked our view of the commandments and said he would be at church that Sunday! The whole family showed up and loved it. We have a temple visitors center trip with them coming up soon!

We started teaching Gabe Carson this week as well. He's 13 and his mom was baptized a few years ago. We just got to know him and talked a lot about what he's interested in. He said that the missionaries in the past had kinda forced him to listen to their message but that we weren't like that and he thought that was really cool. So he asked us to share a message with him since he felt like we were his friends. We talked about the 2000 stripling warriors and how they trusted in god and were blessed for listening to what their mothers taught them about God. We talked about the battles they were in and he asked where he could find the story in the Book of Mormon because he wanted to go and read it himself! Then he asked us to come back and teach him next Friday. Sister Carson was so happy and blown away that his son wanted to be taught again. It was definitely an answer to her prayers.

Alright, so fun story: So on Sunday, Elder Jensen and I were just sitting there, chilling in ward counsel, waiting to give our part about missionary work. The Bishop was going through the Sacrament meeting agenda, announcing the speakers, and he gets to the last one, who was Brother Ostergard. He looks at Sister Ostergard (The Relief Society President) and says, "Oh you're husband is speaking! That'll be a good talk!  "She responds, with wide eyes, "Bishop...my husband is out of town...he's not going to be able to talk!" The room went dead silent...everyone was just stunned. Bishop looked like he froze! Then, a very loving Young Men's leader spoke up and said, "Ya know... in my mission whenever speakers fell through, we would just have the missionaries speak! It's a great experience for them!" Suddenly, the room unfreezes and Bishop says, "That's a great idea! Elders! you'll each give a 7 minute talk today!"......To put that in perspective, this conversation happened 15 minutes before sacrament meeting...haha so that's the story of why I spoke in church on Sunday! But hey it went pretty well and the ward loved our talks! So our dinner calendar filled up completely for this week and next week! So the Lord blesses you in all! ;) To make things better, we had 3 investigators at church! The Aird family came AND Austen and his step-dad came too!

Well I hope you all have a great week! Love you all!

Elder Jensen

Froyo with Elder Hale and Wade

Foggy morning in Stevenson Ranch

Valencia Zone

Elders Hale, Wade and Nielsen about to go knock doors.
Taco Tuesday with the Haws.