Tuesday, February 21, 2017

It seriously amazes me that 18, 19, and 20 year olds are training each other on how to be missionaries.

February 13, 2017

Hey Everyone!
You know something's wrong when you would rather sleep outside in the cold than in your apartment because it's even colder! Canadians man hahaha! Elder Deyholos likes to keep it nice and chilly (55 degrees). When it starts to warm up he freezes his sheets so hopefully it doesn't get to that point!

We had a great week in Stevenson Ranch! We went by a former investigator named Dylan who used to meet with missionaries a few years ago. When we knocked on the door the George (the dad) answered the door and said he wasn't interested. But then Sonja (Dylan's Mom) came around the corner and said, "Are those the Mormon guys? Don't move! I wanna talk to you!". She let us in and we started to talk about Dylan and found out that he was off at school in Chico but is coming back in March. She also told us about how one of her best friends is a recent convert and has brought her to a lot of our activities in the past. She said she had been thinking lately about where we come from and she said "I'm positive I was with God before I came to earth." We took that teaching opportunity and pulled out our Plan of Salvation pamphlets. We taught her about The pre-earth life and how we were with God. Then her Mother who is about 80 years old walked in the door and said she'd been worried about where her husband is that recently passed away. So we continued on with the lesson and talked about the spirit world and how we go there when we die to prepare and learn. They both loved that we had answers to their spiritual questions. Sonja called her son in Chico and said "Dylan when you get home I want to have the missionaries over so we can all talk! They're really cool." Then we all prayed together over the phone and the 80 year old grandmother decided that it was a good time for her to start belting out Amazing grace at the top of her lungs! Hahaha it was awesome. SO we picked them up as our new investigators...hopefully we will pick up Dylan in a month or so as well! It's awesome how the Lord prepares people and changes their hearts so they can hear our message. We found Dylan's teaching record and it said Sonja would never talk with the missionaries and didn't want Dylan to meet with them either. She's definitely had a change of heart.

We did some more transfer planning this week. After about 4 hours in presidents office we needed a little break so sister Henrie brought us some snacks. President pulled out his phone and started showing us videos from family vacations etc. Elder Deyholos ran to fill up his water bottle and president showed me a video of one of his Son's after his motorcycle accident. He had hit his neck on a road sign and his throat was gushing blood. I thought it was a cool video so we thought Elder Deyholos would like it too. Elder Deyholos came in and sat down with the Laptop on his legs while president showed him the video. Elder Deyholos said "Whoa..." then his head fell backwards. I thought he was just trying to be funny or was faking or something but then the laptop fell on the floor and I was like oh shoot...he's totally not faking! I grabbed his head and he went into a seizure. Sister Henrie went into mom mode and sprinted to his side. His head hit the wall pretty hard and his arms locked up along with his neck. He finally relaxed his neck and started to choke so I tipped him back so he could breath. Finally he came to and saw us all standing around him. He had no idea what had happened. He didn't even realize that he had been out of it for 30 seconds. So now he knows that he can't look at blood or he faints/has a seizure. So crazy! We ended transfer planning for the day after that haha. He's all good now though! No worries.

We gave a conference call training this week to the Sister Training leaders...it was pretty cool. We felt like business men haha. We trained on how to track baptismal dates and following up with them daily. We're hoping that this will lead to more baptisms each month. It seriously amazes me that 18, 19, and 20 year olds are training each other on how to be missionaries. It's crazy that things get done effectively.

Well I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Elder Jensen

Trying to escape elder D's Farts.

Cooking some pasta in the Spanish stake center...we were starving and they didn't have pots!

Post seizure.

Elder Phillips and I. Taking it back to the MTC.