Monday, December 5, 2016

Released as a Zone Leader and called as an Assistant to the President

December 5, 2016

Hello everyone! It's been another great week here in the California San Fernando Mission! Lots of changes happening due to transfers. Sadly I got transferred out of the Young Single Adult ward and away from Elder Silva. We're going on another little break so we'll probably be back together in 3 months. That's what happened last time haha. I'm gonna miss this guy. Learned so much from him. Quick side note on Elder Silva...he's been the only member in his family for 4 years now. Well this Saturday his sister and brother in-law are getting baptized!!! So happy for them and Him as well. The Gospel is going to change their lives forever!

Anyway, back to transfers. So I got a call Sunday night from from President Henrie and he released me as a Zone Leader which was pretty sad because I love being a Zone Leader. Then he asked if I would accept a new call and asked me to come be the New Assistant! Definitely didn't see that coming haha! So I'll be spending the next few transfers with President Henrie and Elder Deyholos. I guess I'll have more updates about it all next week. Here's my new address:

25399 the Old Road #10-302
Santa Clarita CA, 91381

I'll be at the office all the time so just send packages there.
That address is:

23504 Lyons Ave Suite 107
Santa Clarita, Ca 91321

This week was great in the YSA ward though. Nelly is really progressing. She's starting to make great friends in the ward and she's feeling the spirit in the lessons. Evelyn is coming to church now and she's also making friends and diving into the Book of Mormon!

We picked up two new investigators this week. Kassandra and Taylor Mcintosh. They're twins and their cousin, who is a member, lives with them which really helps! We shared the Light The World video and they loved it! The church always puts out such inspired videos! Keep sharing it!

Well I'm going to really miss the Santa Clarita Stake. So many great friends there and so many people I'll miss. Off to the Office.

Elder Jensen