Monday, November 14, 2016

This was our first week in the Young Single Adult Ward

November 14, 2016

Hey everyone! This was our first week in the Young Single Adult Ward and wow it's different than what I'm used to! It's been tough not being able to teach all the people we got close to while in Canyon Country. That's one of the amazing parts about being a get so close to those you serve and teach.

We Started off the week with a bunch of pass off lessons. So the sisters would be there with us. We always got to the lesson a few minutes later than the sisters and the investigators would see us walking towards them, they'd look so confused, and then we'd hear the sisters drop the bomb about us being their new missionaries now and the investigators would start to stress out. We thought they would have already told them but they did it for 3 or 4 consecutive lessons...people warmed up to us though and it wasn't a big deal in the end.

We taught a guy named Quico Spang about repentance this week and it was great. He has a baptismal date for December 10th. The only downside to all this is that he was super high. That was my first YSA experience lol. #cali

My second YSA experience was institute! I was stoked to go because I've never been before. Well it was definitely interesting. The lesson was on marriage and then they went around the room and had everyone say why they loved being single...kinda contradicting but whatever!

We got Nelly back! We taught Her and her brother Sam when we were in the Canyon Country Ward and sadly had to pass her off to the Young Single Adult Sisters. Well now we are her missionaries again! She was super stoked to see us again and said she was glad to have us back because she was able to be more open with us and ask questions without getting nervous. We had a lesson on the Gospel of Jesus Christ and we read 2 nephi 31. We committed her to baptism and had a super spiritual lesson that ended with some tears from her and the member we brought. She's coming to the Young Single Adult Family Home Evening activity tonight and she's gonna make some great friends there!

We went to 3 sacrament meetings the other day. We went at 9:00 so Nelly could come because she had work. We went at 11:00 so we could say goodbye to the Canyon Ward. And we went at 1:00 to the Young Single Adult Ward. James and Shannon were at church with the whole family and they were all dressed up so nice! Shannon came in a dress and James came in a button up shirt. They've made some major progress these past few months. Gotta keep in contact with them for sure!

Well that was our week in a nut shell! I hope you all have a safe week! Love you all.

Elder Jensen

P.s. Sorry that literally all the pics are of the same thing. We'll do better next week!
Elder Martin and Kerr bought us customized trophies hahaha!!So sick!