Monday, October 31, 2016

Prayers are answered every time!

October 13, 2016

Hey everyone, another crazy busy week here in Canyon Country first! We got some news this Sunday that the ward boundaries will be reconstructed in a week. Not that excited for that because James and Shannon are on the edge of our boundaries and might fall into a new ward after the's gonna be a stressful week anticipating the changes.

Anyway, here's the week in a quick summary:
We had a sick lesson with James and Shannon with our ward mission leader. James had a family member visit him this week and they told him that they are all so happy that he is getting out of the lifestyle that they raised him in and that they want him to join the church! He told us that during the lesson and just knowing that his family was behind him on this made such a difference for him. He said that it had been super hard to quit drinking and smoking and not drinking coffee or tea because he wasn't ALL in. But after that experience he said he's all in. James has now been 5 days without Smoking, drinking alcohol, tea, or coffee! And he says that he's never felt better!! Shannon is almost more committed to being baptized now than James is and James is super committed! Just seeing the gospel change James and her kids has really helped her see the importance of it in their lives. She knows that this is The true church and she wants to be a part of it forever! Their whole family came to our Halloween party at the church this Friday. Shannon helped run the games while James (and elder Silva and I) took care of the kids and took them to games and stuff. They all loved it. Oh and James came to church in a white shirt and tie this week!! So sick!!

Jim is still doing great! He is in 2 Nephi now and is just flying through. He said his favorite app on his phone is the Gospel Library app...nothing you'd rather hear as a missionary haha! He's also making some lifestyle changes and is making awesome progress. His baptism will be soon...that’s my gut feeling.

Nelly is doing great! We weren't able to meet with her this week but she came to church! She prayed Saturday night that the talks in church would really apply to her and help her through the week. Well she thought that they were all directed at her specifically and was just in awe. Prayers are answered every time!

We also had a lesson with Mark and we brought brother Singley along. Brother Singley seems like a super soft spoken guy but when he gets into the he's a whole different person! Mark has been investigating off and on for 2 years and Brother Singley was super bold and told him that if he wants to get an answer he needs to do a little more than just read a chapter here and there...he needs to come to church. SO hopefully something will change with that guy.

Funny Story: Shirley Whitbeck came up to us at church and said..."You know boys, I was thinking about you last night and I you know what there has never been a companionship that has jived as good as you two. You're like salt and pepper!" We just replied "Starsky and Hutch!" Then walked away lol.

Well I love you all so much! Have a safe Halloween!

Elder Jensen

California sunset.

Halloween Party

Halloween Party

Sith Lord Vs. Servant of the Lord