Monday, October 17, 2016

James got a haircut !

October 17, 2016

Hello everyone! Another week down in the California San Fernando Mission. Time's flying's almost crazy!

So here's an update on James and Shannon. James got a haircut last Monday. We took him to the Barbers after a long discussion about his appearance lol. This is how it went.

   James: "No guys I can't cut my hair. It took me two years to grow it out this long so I
                 could put it in a pony tail."
   Elder Silva: " doesn't look good man."
   James: "It's the biker can't go wrong there."
   Me: " drive a fiat 500..."

So to make a long story short, he's looking fresh in a new haircut! Also...we had a super cool miracle happen at our last lesson. James has been really sad that his girlfriend wasn't really planning on getting baptized with him so we followed the Spirit and decided to reteach the Restoration to really help her see the need to be baptized by someone who holds the Priesthood. At the end of the lesson we asked James if he would be baptized on January 14th and he was so happy he almost started crying...he gladly said yes and then we turned to Shannon and asked her the same question and she also said yes!!! SO sick! Were stoked for them...this is life changing for them. Lots of changes to be made but they have a new drive and desire to do so.

We had an awesome lesson with Edwin this week as well. Back when I was with Elder Wade we promised Edwin that if he was ever having a tough time, that if he just opened The Book of Mormon and started reading on what ever page it landed on that God would give him the exact scripture he needed. Well this week he had that exact thing happen. He's been having some really hard family problems lately and he decided to just open the Book of Mormon...well he landed on the perfect scripture and he said he's never felt so good inside in his entire life! The Church is so true...and the Spirit is inside the pages of the Book of Mormon...all we have to do is open it up. He's gonna try and make it to church this next week just in case one of us gets transferred.

We had a lesson with Mark (our eternigator) and we decided to bring the Gospel Doctrine teacher (Brother Sage) this week so he could maybe talk some sense into him. I'm convinced that he's going to be an Apostle some day...he just layed everything out there and it all made so much sense...even questions I still had were answered. Mark accepted to be baptized he just wants to receive a witness that the Book of Mormon is true first. Don't know what will happen there because he's already read the whole thing once or twice and just doesn't seem to be asking for an answer.

Well that's the week for me. I hope you have a great week! Be safe!

Elder Jensen

Layla (6), and Kylie (3) at church.

James and Shannon with thier family at church.