Monday, September 26, 2016

So many miracles and people placed in their paths.

September 26, 2016

Hello everyone. Another great week here in Santa Clarita. My favorite Canadian and I are still tearing it up Starsky and Hutch style. We definitely work well together haha!

Jim is still on date and things are going pretty well! We set up a baptismal calendar and set some goals to help him be baptised on the 22nd of October. We also got all of his friends in the ward on board to support him and help him with the Word of Wisdom. He's got changes to make but it's all possible with God's help. I don't know if he'll reach his date but it is definitely an inspired date because it's helping him progress more than ever and getting serious about this.

James and his whole family came to Church this week! And we picked up his Girlfriend as an investigator! Things are moving along with that family for sure. So many miracles and people placed in their paths. Elder Silva and I are learning great parenting skills thanks to them as well...we keep Layla (6) and Kylie (3) busy during church by just sacrificing our planners so they can draw haha. They destroy every page...

Well sorry for the short email this week...I'll finish off with a few funny moments.

Funny stories:
- We had exchanges this week with Elder Ha and Elder Corey. I went with Elder Ha who is from South Korea and he is so funny! He doesn't really understand American humour/anger so people would be super rude to us and he's say "Good door right there. Nice people." After they literally told us to never come back hahahaha. I love Koreans.
- We stopped by our investigator at 8:00pm and he opened the door so paranoid. He kept saying "Guys it's so answer your door with a shotgun late!" It was only 8:00...Californians confuse me.

Well I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!!

Elder Jensen

Service at a Ranch

Helping with the horses.

Feeding horses.

Upgrading to handcarts for tracting.