Monday, August 29, 2016

The Lord is hastening his work!

August 29, 2016

Where to we had a busy week! So many cool things happened but I'll just give you some of the highlights.

First off...Ashley Abrego got baptized in the Burbank 3rd area on Saturday and Elder Wade and I got to go! It was nice to see all of the old ward members there and catch up with them. Elder Martin is doing an awesome job of holding down the fort and the investigators that I had to leave behind are in great hands. He's only been out a few months and he's doing amazing!

We'd been trying to contact Edwin all week and we hadn't had any luck and we were both worried that his parents banned him from talking to us. But we were driving down his street Sunday before church and he was outside with his family! So we stopped and ran over to talk to them. He was so stoked to see us! His family didn't say much but they were chill with us being there so hopefully the ice was broken and they'll let Edwin come to church! Edwin said he was hoping we'd come by so he could tell us about his Book of Mormon reading. He hadn't been able to call or text us because his phone got disconnected. That was a relief. He said that earlier this week he was feeling really down and he just felt like darkness was all around him, so he turned to the Chapter we asked him to read and he felt so much comfort and love from Heavenly Father as he read. Then we talked about his "theory" on where our spirit goes after we die. Well he basically explained the Plan of Salvation and we were like, "Yeah Edwin that's exactly right!" Haha it was so cool to see how prepared he is and how the Spirit has been teaching him things as we've been meeting! We love this kid so much. He'll be coming to play soccer with us this Friday at the church with the Spanish Branch and he's gonna bring a friend! Already being a missionary and he's not even a member yet!

We also had a Danish breakfast with our investigator Jim this week! We got talking about where our ancestors are from which lead to us talking about Denmark which led to us planning a breakfast lesson haha! He's such a cool guy!! He also invited a family friend that recently had his dad pass away so we were able to bare him our testimony on eternal families and the Plan of Salvation. It was a pretty cool experience.

Last night we got a call and were asked by the Stake High council to teach the mission Prep class. Well we only got a 30 minute notice. We basically just had to wing the Spirit of course. We trained on teaching and finding by the Spirit and we shared all the miracles we have experienced on our missions then we answered all their questions about missions and preparing to leave. It was super cool! So many good young missionaries getting ready to head out. The Lord is hastening his work!

Well sorry for the short email this week. I love you all and hope you have a great week.

Elder Jensen

Introduced the Koreans to pretzel sticks....not a good idea!

Cool cars in Cali!

Danish Breakfast with Jim!!!!

Ashley's Baptism

Bel Aire in Burbank