Monday, August 8, 2016

Hidden Missionary skills!

August 8, 2016

Hey everyone! This week has been crazy. Elder Wade and I have been holding down the fort here in the Santa Clarita Zone! We've had to tap into some hidden skills to do so though haha. For example, we both found out that we are pretty decent plumbers! Some Sisters toilet was broken so we took it apart and had no idea what was wrong so Elder Wade just started pulling on tubes and stuff until it started working again! Problem solved! Then we tapped into our cleaning skills and deep cleaned a nasty apartment that some Elders were moving into. Then some bikes broke so we became bike mechanics for a minute. Then someones car exhaust pipe got bent on their car so we became chauffeurs and took them to get it fixed. It's been fun so far though so no complaints!

Here's our new address by the way!

27614 Susan Beth Way Unit C
Santa Clarita, CA 91350

Quick flash back to last Monday in Burbank. After email, we had our last zone activity, and we played 'How well do you know your companion?' which was pretty much the Newly Wed game if you've seen that. And only two arms were broken in this non-contact activity... just kidding. Just a few broken hearts from when Elder Martin and I dominated and won! We definitely bonded over the one transfer we were together. Then we went to the Harmons for dinner. Brother Harmon works for Dream Works and is an amazing artist so he drew a caricature of me.

Now back to Santa Clarita:

Our area is pretty diverse. We have some really nice areas and then there are some areas that are basically just a cleaner version of Van Nuys haha. So I love it here! Our area is also really small so we are running out of places to knock that Elder Wade hasn't already knocked in the last month haha. But there are people prepared everywhere! We have already found 2 future investigators this week so I'm stoked about that.

Well here's a little about our week. We have some super sick investigators we have been teaching. The first one is James. He's been in and out of prison and his parents are Hell's Angels so he grew up in a super rough environment. But the Gospel is really helping him make changes in his life. He wants to quit smoking and drinking so badly and he's just waiting until he finishes this bag of tobacco...then he's gonna fight it and stop. We had a lesson with him this week and he told us how he wants to be baptized and he is willing to make the changes, but the only problem is that he is living with his girlfriend and he can't get her to marry him. So we talked about how her heart would be softened as he began to make changes and follow Jesus Christ. He's such a sick guy.

We also had a lesson with Mark this week. Hahaha oh Mark....Mark has been investigating the Church for about 2 years now. He confuses me. We rolled up to the lesson and he refused to call me by anything but my first name he calls me Drew and he calls Elder Wade Josh. We pretty much just laid down the law with him and told him that he needs to listen to the Spirit and that if he denies the answers that he receives then our job is done and there's no point in us meeting because he won't soften his heart. We had this whole lesson in the Chapel and the Spirit was so so strong. You couldn't deny that. Elder Wade and I were tearing up and were just so passionate about the message we were sharing. Then we asked him what he got from the lesson and he honestly got nothing. He just confuses me...don't really know what to do with this guy.

We also teach Dennis who we are pretty sure is a hard core computer hacker hahaha. He's a great guy though and he's seriously a genius. He came to church this week and wowed the entire Elders Quorum with his comments.

Well that's pretty much our week! There will be more to come next week!

Funny Story: Our apartment used to be a Sisters apartment so everything is covered in long hair! We can't get it out of the carpet and we're so grossed out!

Love you all so much!! Have a great week!

Elder Jensen
Jensen and Wade reunite.

Bro Humphreys and his daughter!

New Comps!

Benny took a selfie!

 The drawing!