Monday, April 11, 2016

The Gospel will give us the values we need and the foundation we need to live happy and successful lives.

April, 11, 2016

First of all I need to correct our address. It is:

14142 Victory Blvd. #224
Van Nuys, Ca 91401

The mail lady was getting confused because the area codes were wrong on all our packages and letters, so just a heads up on that! Also some sad news. Elder Silva's passport was stamped wrong at the airport when he left Canada so he has to go back in July and get it re-stamped...that means we will only be comps for 2 transfers. I love this guy. He was baptized by missionaries about 3 years ago, so he has a huge appreciation for missionary work and loves to work hard just like I do which is a nice bonus!

Also, Anne LaVad was baptized this Sunday by Elder Horito! I got to see my old ward and got to see Anne as she came out of the water. Such an amazing experience to see her finally accomplish her goal of baptism that she has had for so long. Her testimony was amazing and so funny because she referred to Elder Horito and I as her grandsons and everyone was so confused, but that's what she actually calls us! She's the cutest! I also get to go back to Encino and confirm her next week in sacrament meeting, which is gonna be so cool!

We talked to Gustavo's (our investigator) wife Christina the other night and she had so many questions! She asked what the Spirit felt like and why we have the Word of Wisdom and I guess she liked our answers and felt the Spirit because she is now super interested in the Gospel and our church! She has been to many church's over the past year and she said she's fed up with every Pastor teaching something different. She said she prayed and said that she was done looking for a church and that if God wanted her to join a church he would have to bring it to her. LOL...that's exactly what he did. We are meeting with her again tonight and she can't wait to learn more and get answers to her questions.

We have been working with the Mata's. They are recent converts and Sister Mata is a single parent. Their 13 year old daughter is crazy around Silva and I. She literally can't stay still. During our lesson 8 year old Michael wouldn't come sit down for the lesson so I told him I'd give him a dollar if he came and sat by me. He did, and after the lesson I pulled out the dollar and he said "No I don't need a dollar. I like you guys!" Then he hugged us and took off haha. He's a homie now! But anyways, it's cool to see how the Gospel has given their family so much strength to work through their current situation and it has united them. It's just awesome how essential the Gospel is.

Losi Ikahihifo from the Encino ward is moving to the Van Nuys ward! He's our Costco hook up so I'm pretty stoked! Plus he's awesome in lessons so it'll be sick having him.

We have been having a lot of success this week and we're really happy about that. Hard work really does pay off. We have lots of people to follow up with and have tons of lessons set up. We have already picked up 3 new investigators in only one week. The Lord is really helping us out! We seriously cant do anything without His help.

Message of the week: Elder Zaballos, a General Authority, visited our mission this week and gave us a really cool training. He told us that the best way to prepare ourselves for our futures is through studying the Gospel. The Gospel will give us the values we need and the foundation we need to live happy and successful lives. So If you're struggling with finding your way I would encourage you to study the Gospel diligently and I promise you'll find guidance.

Well I love you all so much!! I hope you all have great weeks!

Elder Horito, Anne and I

Elder Jensen
Elder Silva, Anne and I

Elder Silva and I