Monday, March 28, 2016

The Spirit has no language and can touch anyone's heart

March 28,2016

Well it's official, I'm getting transferred to Van Nuys! I don't know my new companion yet because he's gonna be straight off the airplane. So I'm white washing (when they put two missionaries in an area and basically start fresh) and training. It's going to be an adventure but I'm excited to see how it goes! It's sad leaving all these people I have grown close to but I know I'll meet new members and investigators in Van Nuys too.

We committed Sarabjeet to baptism this week! He loves the gospel and wants to follow Christ so badly! His English is improving so much and I know Elder Horito will be able to help him progress towards baptism better than anyone! He's a great missionary.

We taught the Russians one last time. (Ruben and Tatiana) They were my favorites. They are doing so well and we see miracles every time we teach them. Super sad that I won't be able to meet with them any more but I'm so glad that I got to meet them and prepare the way for the next missionary to come in and teach them. Hopefully he speaks Russian! They have taught me that the Spirit has no language and that it can touch anyone's heart.

Marlon called us this week and was having doubts about coming to church again. He felt like he wasn't good enough to become a member because of his living situation. We were so scared we were going to lose him so we drove straight to his apartment and cleared everything up. We told him that our Heavenly Father takes us however we are and all we have to do is follow His example! He felt a lot better after we shared that with him. We also told him an analogy that he really liked. We said that he is trying to push his car back home and he's on a huge hill right now, but Christ is in the driver seat and all he needs to do is get in and let Christ start the car and let him do it all for him. He's a really independent guy and that hit home for him. He needs to trust in the Lord and not take on everything alone. He's back on track for his baptismal date now!

Anne is the coolest! She gave me a huge hug at our last lesson. She made sure that I would be there for her baptism and I promised I would be there! She's gonna get baptized on the 10th of April and I'm so excited for her and I hope her decisions rub off on her Daughter and Grandchildren.

We taught sandy for my last time this week. We did a cool thing that showed the power of the atonement. We put a bunch of water in a Tupperware container and dumped salt into it to represent all our good deeds. Then we put pepper in it to show all our bad ones. When the pepper is put in you can't see the salt at the bottom. Then we put a drop of soap in the water and all the pepper spread out to the sides so you could see all the salt at the bottom. That's what the atonement does for us. It pushes all the sins to the side and lets us only see the good. He loved it because he said he has made a lot of mistakes and spent his whole life in prison. He wants to come to church now!  

We had dinner with Michael Jackson's sister, Latoya this week! Hahaha nah just kidding but we did eat dinner right next to her at this cool Thai restaurant on Ventura Blvd. She pulled up in her Rolls Royce and our member freaked out haha!  Kinda cool

Message of the week: Our experiences we have are definitely there to shape us into the person Heavenly Father wants us to be. I have been shaped so much these past 7 months or so and It hasn't been easy but it's been awesome. It's really hard to trust that challenges are there for your own good but they always are there to benefit us in the long run.

Well I hope you all have a great week!! Love you all so much!

Elder Jensen

Morning hikes for our workout.

Sister Tripp, my favorite Grandma in the ward.

The Treu family. Less actives we worked with and spent part of Easter with. 

The District

Droppin an album soon.

Morning hikes for our workout