Monday, February 22, 2016

We need to have broken in hearts so the lord can use us and work through us

February 22, 2016

Another week down in California! This week flew by because we were just so busy. Every night we just came home and fell asleep instantly.  That's a good thing means we're putting in work.

We met with Anne Lavad again this week and she committed herself to a baptismal date without us even having to ask her which was pretty cool! It would be nice if it was like that every time. She wants to get baptized in three weeks on the 13th of March. The only thing holding her back at this point is her recent heart surgery. The doctors haven't cleared her to go into water yet and she's meeting with them in a few weeks to try and get cleared. We are going to give her a blessing before she goes to the doctor to help out.

We ran into a bunch of less actives this week that we never even knew about. We found Lynne and Sandy. We actually knocked into Sandy and found out that he had just gotten out of prison, he was baptized as a child, but fell away from the church. He wants to meet with us and come back to church now. It was a straight miracle that we found him!

We got a referral from the Spanish sisters, her name is Susan. She is from Lebanon and she is blind. She learned a little about the church 30 years ago from her neighbors who were LDS, but they moved away and she never got back into it. Then the sisters knocked on her door, and she told us that she took that as a sign she needs to learn more about this church. She is super interested and I'm so excited to start teaching her. It just goes to show that one good experience or memory about the church can impact people later down the road when they are ready to learn. Also I get to give out the first braille Book of Mormon on my mission!

Pamela Spencer is doing good. She think she'll be ready to get baptized soon. We are just focusing on building her testimony of Joseph Smith and The Book of Mormon because that's what she is still a little skeptical of. She's been reading a little here and there and it's been cool to watch her testimony grow over the past few weeks because of that.

We did some service for a less active member in the Sherman Oaks ward this week. We took out a bunch of grass in his yard and filled an entire trailer. As the Sherman Oaks elders were driving us back to our car we drove through a NCIS Los Angeles set and got in trouble hahaha! It was kinda cool because we saw all the actors and stuff.

Message of the week: We had Elder Echo-Hawk and Elder Pimentel come speak during stake conference this week. Elder Pimentel had an awesome analogy that I'm gonna share with you. When you get a new baseball glove it's all shiny and new but it's practically worthless. The ball get's thrown to you and it's so stiff that you can't close it to catch the ball. You have to break it in and loosen it up a bit so that you can catch the ball when the time comes. We need to have broken in hearts so the lord can use us and work through us. We are the baseball glove on his hand and it's our job to break ourselves in. We can't be stiff vessels or else when the time comes...he won't be able to use us the way he needs.

Well have a great week and remember that it's good to have a broken in heart!

Elder Jensen

Elder Shaw, Elder Wade, Elder Horito and Myslef doing service for Gary in the Sherman Oaks ward.

Working at Gary's with Elder Wade, Elder Horito, Elder Shaw and Myself.

Thank you so much for all the decorations and treats Annalisa!! I loved them so much!!

I miss you Annalisa, but the picture was awesome cuz it was like you were giving me a hug!!! Thank you for being the best sister ever!