Monday, January 4, 2016

We are truly being directed to people who want to listen!

January 4, 2016

Happy new year! Transfers were this week and Elder Horito and I are still together just as expected! We're pretty stoked about that! I've been out for almost 5 months now...kinda weird? Months take days and days take months it feels like.

We had an awesome lesson with our Farsi investigator Fatima this week. We taught her the restoration and things were coming out of Elder Horito's mouth and my mouth that we definitely didn't come up with ourselves. The spirit took over and helped us teach her simply but so powerfully. We asked her to read The Book of Mormon and pray about it and the things we had told her. She said she would but that she had such a good feeling inside when we taught her and that she knew it was the Holy Ghost telling her it was true. Now here's the bad news....she has to move soon and she won't be in our area anymore. We were so sad when we heard that!! That's part of a mission though...sometimes you're just there to start the process not finish it.

We also had an awesome lesson with Sam who walked into church last week! We had him over for dinner at Brother Giron's home for dinner. We taught the restoration to him as well and he was digging it! Brother Giron also shared his conversion story and that helped Sam a lot because he still has lots of questions and is worried about the switch but he's solid and hopefully the next lesson will help him really see how much he wants the gospel in his life.

We had another miracle this week. We Got a referral for Edward Felix and when we got to the address it was once again an apartment complex. We didn't have his apartment number so we figured we would just start knocking and try to find him. Second door we knocked on was his. He said his sister was a member and that he was actually really interested! We invited him to church and set up a lesson for this week. He actually came to church! And he stayed all three hours! He was participating in lessons and really enjoyed himself! We'll keep you updated on how the lesson goes!!

We gave away 4 Book of Mormon's this week! We are truly being directed to people who want to listen! Yesterday during knockout we ran into a man named Jose. He liked our message so much that he invited us over today at 4 to teach him! We're pretty excited to see how it goes! Also while we were emailing today a woman named Ogo from Africa came and talked to us about religion for a while. She said she got off at the wrong bus stop for s
ome reason so she just decided to come here and that when she saw us she felt like she needed to talk to us! She doesn't live in our area but she gave us all her info so we could send missionaries to her and we also gave her a Book of Mormon. We have really been focusing on prophets lately and the importance of having a living prophet today. People really cling to that message because they hear about the guidance we have and they want that for themselves! We are so blessed!

Message of the week: In Alma chapter 20 Ammon is sent to Middoni to deliver his brethren. He runs into king Lamoni's father and has a chance to kill him. King Lamoni's father offers half of his kingdom for his life to be spared. Two chapters later King Lamoni's father is taught about the gospel and is willing to give his entire kingdom to enter into the kingdom of god. He was willing to give more to enter into the kingdom of god than he was willing to give for his own life.A new year means new changes in our lives...are we willing to give up all of our bad, habits and worldly ways just like King Lamoni's father?

Love you all and hope you have a fantastic week!!

Elder Jensen

Elder Horito and I