Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Lord truly has blessed us and we're not going to take that for-granted.

January 19, 2016

Sorry for the late email. Yesterday was a holiday and all of the libraries were closed so we had to email today. We have been so busy! Elder Horito and I have worked the area super hard and now we have 10 investigators! That's a miracle considering we had 0 when I first arrived. The Lord truly has blessed us and we're not going to take that for-granted.

We had another lesson with Pamela Spencer this week. This time we brought President Kekauoha from the ward. We taught her the Plan of Salvation and she seemed really receptive. She is having trouble with praying though. She said she doesn't like to demand answers from God. It was so nice to have a member at our lesson because he was able to explain why she needed to pray and ask God and it didn't have to come from us. It came from a friend. And I'm not saying we aren't her friends because we are...it just has a different feel to it coming from others sometimes. She said she would definitely read and pray for an answer. Members are such a big help at lessons!!

We also taught Eddy Felix this week. We taught him the Plan of Salvation as well. The whole time he was saying how familiar this all sounded and I explained to him that it was because he already learned it once when we were all in the spirit world before we came to earth! The lesson was amazing!! We all knelt down and he prayed after for an answer if this was the path God wanted him to take. He stood up and said "I'm like a day away from baptism!" We were all so stoked! He's an awesome guy and has so much potential! We know that Satan is gonna work hard on him these next few weeks so any prayers for him would be awesome!

We picked up Ruben Akopov as a new investigator last week. He only speaks Russian so his wife has to translate! It's so cool because the spirit still hits him even though he can't understand anything we say. We gave him a Russian Book of Mormon and he said he would read it! So we will see how he liked it tonight at our lesson!

We are teaching a man named Brian now. He's a former gang member and has had a really rough life. He was in and out of prison most of his teenage years and early twenties and has just recently turned his life around in the last couple of years. We found him while we were walking on the street a few weeks ago and gave him a card. He ended up calling us and is super interested in the message we share! He is looking for direction and purpose in this life and the Gospel of Jesus Christ helps with that on so many levels! He loved the fact that we have Prophets to lead and guide us and he has already read a few chapters in the Book of Mormon! I'll keep you updated on him next week!

We are short on time so I'll give you a super good message next time because I don't have time to send one this week.

Well I love you all so much and hope you have a great week!

Elder Jensen