Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Gospel is Essential in our Lives

December 14, 2015

Hey everyone!!!
Well we just got a call from the mission office and they need our car for something so yeah...looks like we're going to be on bikes now. Our area is huge so I don't know how we are going to meet with everyone we need to! It's going to be crazy!! Wish us luck.

We had a sweet week! We had a lot of success with referrals and less actives! We started working with a less active family, the Beauregards and we had a BOMB lesson with them! We just talked about their lives and got to know them a little more for the first half of the lesson. They said that they now have a successful business up and running, they're financially stable, they have achieved all the goals they set for themselves...but something was just missing in their lives. Then we watched the new Christmas video the church released and talked a little bit about it. When it was over Sister B. said "That's what we're missing! We need to go back to church!" Her whole family agreed with her. We were so excited to see them at church this Sunday! They stayed all three hours and want us to come over to dinner when they get back from their vacation this week. Teaching them has really built my testimony that we are sent to certain people on our missions. Elder Taylor and I were able to connect with them super easily and I think that's part of the reason they were so willing to come to church. It's also built my testimony that the gospel is essential in our lives. It gives us a greater purpose and so much comfort. I can seriously feel how much God loves the Beauregards and I know how badly he wants them to get reactivated in the church. I'm gonna do my best to make that happen because I love them too.

We went to the temple this week as a mission! The temple is always a great spiritual experience and testimony builder. As soon as I stepped my foot inside I just felt so privileged to be a servant of the Lord. We had close to the entire mission there for the session and it was dope!! There's no better place to get answers to prayers and questions than in the temple I think. I would be praying for revelation and BOOM an answer would just pop into my head! It was so cool!

Dinner at the Beauregards with Elder Horito and Alyssa Beauregard.

Los Angeles Temple

The Hawkins are out of town for the Christmas season. They're stoked to meet with us when they get back though which is cool! And they're still having us over for dinner too haha! On the bright side we got a new investigator named Ian Sandoval. He was a referral. He told us this may be what he's been looking for his whole life. I hope he  finds what he's looking for in the lessons. He's been receptive so far but I'll keep you all updated!

I love you all so much and hope you have a wonderful Holiday Season!! Oh and enjoy the snow...It's so hot here....

We put the tree up and I'm still working on the tinsel but it looks awesome! I love it mom! It has so many awesome quotes and scriptures. I love it!!! So nice to hear about all my friends and their hard work!

Well that's pretty much the week! But here are a few questions my mom sent me. I thought it would be cool to just attach it to this email so you could see how awesome missions are.

What is the most valuable thing you have learned so far while serving your mission? 

* I've learned the importance of the spirit in our lives. It leads and guides us so much as missionaries and I wish I would have taken advantage of that more back home. Without the spirit nobody receives our message...going by the spirit is key!

How do you think you have changed the most?

* I have changed my social skills the most! I can now talk to anyone, anywhere, anytime without hesitation. And I can talk about anything haha. Like sometimes we just talk about the weather and it's totally chill!

What has surprised you the most?

* It has really surprised me how for granted I took the Gospel back home. People here are trying to navigate life all on their own and it's so sad. We're so blessed to have this gospel to lead and guide us. Don't take it for granted because you don't know what you have till it's gone sometimes.

What is the hardest part about your mission?

*The hardest part of my mission has been not seeing my family and loved ones. It's seriously so hard. But it's been a good learning experience.

My little sister Annalisa is awesome!  She made this for our door for Christmas.  And her cursive is amazing!